The ‘Black’ National Anthem Set To Be Performed at the Super Bowl 

Bold New Step or Risk to Unity in America’s Favorite Spectacle?

US actress/singer Sheryl Lee Ralph performs "Lift Every Voice and Sing" ahead of Super Bowl LVII kickoff between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, on February 12, 2023. (Photo by ANGELA WEISS / AFP) (Photo by ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images)

News recently emanated from the National Football League, unveiling the plan for the forthcoming Super Bowl LVIII’s opening proceedings. This revelation came to pass in the earlier half of the current week.

Strikingly, part of this highly-anticipated protocol comprises a dedicated segment during which a rendition of the Black national anthem is set to occur. This landmark decision by the professional football league marks a distinct departure from longstanding traditions.

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Despite the historical precedence and significance of such a decision, the NFL has found itself in the crosshairs of criticism. The public’s range of reactions has been diverse, exposing a fault line in the broader societal discourse regarding the event.

The NFL’s decision to include the Black national anthem in the Super Bowl’s pregame proceedings prompts contemplation on the shifting cultural paradigms that America is currently undergoing. Being an influential platform, the Super Bowl traditionally has been an arena for more than just the merits of the competing teams, rather it has come to symbolize a microcosm of American values and traditions.

However, it is essential to acknowledge that such transformative changes are not welcomed uniformly, considering the diverse views held by the American populace regarding cultural identity and national unity. These discussions reflect the complexities that accompany any profound societal shifts.

For some, the NFL’s new approach could be perceived as a positive step towards recognizing and affirming racial diversity and inclusion within the symbolic grandeur of America’s most-watched sporting event. A marker for progress within the narrative of increasing acknowledgment and respect for different cultures and backgrounds.

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Yet there’s an opposing voice too, a certain faction who view the situation with a critical eye. They see this new introduction as a potential source of division, pondering whether an event traditionally uniting diverse demographics under one flag is now sowing seeds of differentiation.

They consider the Super Bowl as an integral part of the American tradition, an event that goes beyond a single game to embody a collective experience. To them, introducing elements that might create a perception of segregation is contradictory to their traditional understanding of unity.

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It’s worth reflecting on this myriad spectrum of perceptions, as they provide a lens to comprehend the ongoing societal dynamics encompassing issues like cultural heterogeneity and national identity. Such varied viewpoints are a testament to the richness of the democratic discourse that thrives in America.

Looking beyond the criticisms, there exists an opportunity for a more profound dialogue on inclusiveness, equitability, and unity within diversity. The Super Bowl platform might serve as an avenue to foster constructive conversation on these aspects, turning attention not just towards the game, but also on broader social issues that permeate our society.

Irrespective of the stance one might take on the NFL’s decision, the ensuing discussions elicit greater scrutiny regarding the function of such international sporting events. It brings into focus the interplay between cultural motifs, national identity, and sports.

At its heart, there’s an undeniable fact that the Super Bowl, like any other major sporting event, is a spectacle that mirrors the society it stems from. And as society evolves, the reflection it casts might inevitably change as well.

Therefore, it’s upon us as a nation to navigate these changes with open-mindedness and respect for differing perspectives. May it harbor a chance for affirming our shared values even amidst the ebbs and flows of evolving cultural landscapes.

In conclusion, the NFL’s pregame lineup for the upcoming Super Bowl LVIII has evoked diverse responses. Regardless of the varying opinions, there’s no denying the important conversations it has stirred around inclusivity, tradition, and what signifies unity in a contemporary American society

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