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Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Slams Biden’s ‘Cold-Hearted’ Approach Amid Escalating Southern Border Crisis

Texas Governor Criticizes Biden’s Immigration Crisis as Conditions Worsen


On Monday, Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick appeared on Fox News to criticize President Biden’s border policies, describing them as “cold-hearted” and attributing them to the surge of unauthorized migrants entering the U.S.

Patrick spoke on ‘Fox & Friends’ about Texas’ initiative to bus migrants to sanctuary cities in several states, including Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and notably, New York City.

Commenting on NYC Mayor Eric Adams and Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass, Patrick said, “They speak about their own local issues, but what do they think we’ve been grappling with in Texas since Biden took office? Every single day, we see thousands crossing our border.”

Patrick highlighted that Texas’ busing program has already facilitated the relocation of over 21,000 migrants to Democratic-led sanctuary cities, sparking protests from local residents in places like New York and Chicago who are concerned about the strain on resources and housing.

“So much for being sanctuary cities,” Patrick remarked sarcastically.

Discussing Texas’ own border security measures, Patrick said, “We’ve allocated 4 billion dollars in our new budget to protect our border.

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That amount surpasses some states’ entire budgets. Given the inaction from the federal government, we’ve had no choice but to act.” He emphasized the extent of the Texas border, which stretches 1,200 miles, comparable to the distance between Atlanta and Maine.

Patrick minced no words in his criticism of President Biden: “He’s indifferent to the crises unfolding on our border—from the fentanyl epidemic to the humanitarian issues affecting women and children, to the law enforcement officers risking their lives dealing with criminal gangs.”

The state of Texas has been proactive in securing its border, as previously reported by the DC Enquirer, through initiatives like Operation Lone Star. Thousands of Texas National Guardsmen have been deployed, and physical barriers such as barbed wire and fencing have been erected.

In a notable move, Governor Abbott deployed orange buoys in the Rio Grande, which Patrick says have decreased drownings, despite facing a lawsuit from the Biden administration over the move.

Concluding his remarks, Patrick said, “This administration claims to care, but their actions suggest otherwise. It’s all about achieving their political objectives, regardless of the human cost.”


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