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Texas Begins Arresting Immigrants at Border as Migrant Situation Gets Out of Control

Texas Strengthens Security with Groundbreaking Immigration Law


In a recent conversation on ‘Fox & Friends,’ a leading law enforcement official from Texas shared how they are taking control of the immense problem of widespread illegal immigration. Instead of waiting for federal assistance, Texas has taken a proactive approach, beginning to detain migrants at the border.

Committing to the stance of the state, Texas Governor Greg Abbott ratified a new law on Monday. This law empowers the police to arrest migrants whose entrance into the state is deemed unlawful. This decisive action was taken in response to an overwhelming influx of illegal border crossers.

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At the moment of signing the legislation into law, Governor Abbott made the purpose of State Senate Bill 4 clear: he intends to obstruct the ‘tidal wave of illegal entry into Texas.’ The new law marks a turning point in the state’s stance on unlawful immigration.

The law outlines the options available for detained migrants: they can either agree to a judge’s decree to leave the U.S. or face prosecution for a misdemeanor charge of illegal entry into the country. The consequences for those who refuse to comply with the judge’s order are far-reaching, potentially resulting in an arrest under more severe felony charges.

Lieutenant Chris Olivarez of the Texas Department of Public Safety referred to Governor Abbott’s actions as a direct response to the federal government. According to Olivarez, this landmark move reinforces the security of both the residents of Texas and law enforcement officials themselves.

Speaking to Lawrence Jones post the detention of over 4,000 migrants on Monday, Olivarez emphasized the uniqueness of the current predicament. He argued the situation at the border had escalated beyond a mere disturbance into a much graver issue. As per his assessment, the federal government’s continuous lack of action aids this worsening crisis.

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Lieutenant Olivarez further stated that widespread illegal immigration can be seen as criminal trespassing, requiring accountability from those illegally crossing the border. With the new law, the authorities now wield ‘broader authority’ to penalize such trespassing.

The sentiment of frustration against the federal government was also echoed by former acting ICE Director Tom Homan on a subsequent ‘Fox & Friends First’ session Tuesday. Homan cited the absence of any substantial efforts by the Biden administration to curtail the steady influx of migrants, leading states like Texas to take matters into their own hands.

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Homan was adamant that it isn’t a simple case of mismanagement or incompetence; in his view, the current administration’s policy choices appear to be deliberate. He emphasized that Governor Abbott is doing his utmost to defend Texas, and by extension, he is safeguarding the entire nation.

The fiscal year 2023 has witnessed an unprecedented number of migrant encounters at the border, crossing the 2.4 million mark. A new record was set in September for encounters at the southern border, and the next month brought another record-breaking number for October: over 240,000 encounters across the whole border.

However, the allocation of more resources to border security has hit a roadblock recently. The Republicans are pushing for the pairing of resource allotment with certain restrictions on asylum and parole provisions. The Democrats, however, have shown reservations towards these conditions, causing a temporary stalemate.

Bill Melugin, a correspondent for Fox News, described the current influx as reaching ‘jaw-dropping’ proportions on Tuesday. The situation was so severe that one border agent in Texas dubbed it as ‘the worst day we’ve ever seen.’

In conclusion, the situation at the Texas border illustrates the complexities of managing security at the border along with the challenges of handling immigration. Amid federal inaction, Texas has decided to contest this crisis head-on by implementing Senate Bill 4.

Regardless of differing opinions, it’s clear that the escalating migrant situation is a matter of paramount concern. Any resolution would necessitate a combination of local and federal efforts, strategic planning, and considerate legislation.

The ongoing on-ground actions by the Texas authorities signal a critical beginning. However, their success largely depends on how well they can enforce their policies and to what extent the federal government supports these efforts.


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