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Texas and Florida Contemplate Removing Biden from Ballot After Colorado’s Anti-Trump Ruling

Biden on the Ballot: Conservative States Ponder Following Colorado’s ‘Fair Play’


Some conservative officials have expressed strong dissent following a surprising turn of events in Colorado, where a court decision removed former President Donald Trump from the state’s primary ballot. The decision pushed these individuals to ponder potential responses, including potentially copying Colorado’s tactics and removing current President Biden from ballots in their home states.

This unexpected move was the result of a 4-3 ruling from the Supreme Court of Colorado, citing Trump’s perceived role in the turbulent events of Jan 6, 2021, considering it as direct and voluntary participation.

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Even though many of these conservatives raising this ‘turnabout is fair play’ scenario are doing so more as a rhetorical exercise than a legitimate legal proposal, it’s prompting robust discussions within conservative circles. The main argument building this case is about the significant number of people crossing the southern borders since Biden took office.

‘Considering the disruptive impact caused by the entry of 8 million uninvited individuals into our state during Biden’s presidency, a similar move to that of Colorado might just be something for us Texans to contemplate,’ Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick mused during an interview.

Even as some of our conservative leading figures denounce Colorado’s verdict, they aren’t shying away from exploring the potential implications. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis openly questioned the boundaries of such an approach. ‘Taking this to its logical conclusion, could we bar Biden from the ballot due to his immigration policy decisions that have resulted in an influx of 8 million people and arguably violated the Constitution?’ he inquired while at a campaign event in Iowa.

Further escalating the debate, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick acerbically pointed at a perceived gross negligence related to Biden’s border policies. This conversation is certainly gaining momentum, with expectations now leaning toward a potential revision of Colorado’s decision by the US Supreme Court.

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Indeed, some of these leaders believe the broader goal behind these measures is to fortify the standing of the current administration ahead of the general elections. They opine that the expanse of legal procedures awaiting in the general election could be a calculated move to give the incumbent an edge.

Within this intense discourse, Jenna Ellis, a former attorney of Donald Trump, went ahead to underscore the ambiguity of the Colorado Supreme Court decision. She argues that the ruling contains no restrictions, opening a Pandora’s box of questions about what counts as engaging in insurrection.

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Her viewpoint goes on to suggest that Republicans in Colorado should take proactive steps and file a lawsuit to get Biden off the ballot. The rationale behind this bold move would be to cite Biden’s management of immigration as being in line with the court’s wide-ranging definition of insurrection.

Echoing this sentiment, Ellis highlights Biden’s failure to secure the US border and his allowing what could be seen as an ‘invasion’ to occur. This digging in of heels, this unwillingness to compromise or find middle ground, isn’t helping the political climate, but rather stoking the debate flames further.

The idea of reciprocation is even gaining traction in other states. ‘Seeing as Colorado has made the move to remove Trump from the ballot, why shouldn’t states like Florida and Texas respond in kind? Is the liberal allowance of 8M+ unauthorized persons into the nation not the most extreme form of insurrection?’ is the stance of certain quarters, hinting at the precarious slippery slope that this could potentially trigger.

The Colorado Supreme Court verdict was divided, with four justices supporting the unexpected ruling to disqualify Donald Trump. ‘Predictably, the all-Democratic appointed judges of Colorado’s Supreme Court have pushed their agenda against President Trump,’ observed Trump campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung.

In Cheung’s view, the court’s decision reflected the maneuvers of a Soros-funded leftist faction interfering on behalf of Joe Biden. He suggested this was just another instance of the Democratic Party attempting to manipulate the electoral process to favor Biden and undermine Trump.

Opinions vary widely, but one perspective remains the same: the dominant lead President Trump appears to have over President Biden in the recent polls is causing mounting anxiety within the Democrat leadership. ‘The dwindling confidence in President Biden and this desperate attempt to undermine the populist vote for the coming November elections is concerning,’ suggested Cheung.

When asked to comment on these contentious developments, the Biden campaign remained cautious. For President Biden, this issue poses an undeniable obstacle against his primary rival from the GOP, especially considering that Trump continues to lead in most recent polls as a potential front runner for 2024.

In the midst of these dramatic turns, Colorado’s GOP has a significant decision to make regarding their primary slated for March 5, 2024, with speculation now rife about a possible shift to a caucus system if the court’s ruling holds.


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