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Terror Experts Explain why Iran Backed Grouped Launched Invasion of Israel

Iran’s Involvement in Gaza Conflict Raises Concerns

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestinian extremist groups in the Gaza Strip has been widely attributed to the support and influence of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Israeli officials and Middle East experts emphasize that Iran plays a critical role in fueling the aggression against the Jewish state. Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, recently expressed his conviction that the ‘usurper regime’ of Israel will indeed come to an end.

The Palestinian youth and the anti-oppression movement are demonstrating unprecedented resolve, which Khamenei believes will ultimately lead to the achievement of their goals. This stance aligns with Iran’s entrenchment in supporting terror organizations, such as Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), as proxies against Israel.

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According to Lior Haiat, spokesperson for Israel’s Foreign Minister, the Iranian regime employs Hamas and PIJ as tools to advance its own agenda in the region. Iran has been actively supporting and financing these terror organizations, although Hamas receives partial funding from other sources as well.

Iran consistently urges these groups to launch attacks on Israel and its people. Haiat emphasizes that there is no doubt that Iran is operating behind the scenes, orchestrating this war against Israel. The Tehran Times, a newspaper controlled by the Iranian regime, openly champions Iran’s unwavering support for Hamas and PIJ in their battle against Israel.

Yahya Rahim Safavi, Iran’s Major General, stated that Iran views the war against Israel as a glorious conflict, lauding the deaths of over 100 Israelis. Meanwhile, Yigal Carmon, founder and president of the Middle East Media Research Institute, correctly anticipated the outbreak of this Iran-backed war.

In August, Carmon noted the signs indicating a potential war between September and October. He observed an increasing effort by Iran and Hezbollah to smuggle weapons into the West Bank, much like the weapons smuggling that has been occurring in Gaza. Hezbollah, an infamous Lebanese terrorist organization responsible for the deaths of numerous Americans, collaborates closely with the Iranian regime.

Ziad Al-Nakhaleh, the secretary-general of PIJ, revealed that during his meeting with Iranian Leader Ali Khamenei in June 2023, Khamenei stressed the need to further arm the West Bank and strengthen the resistance there. This insight sheds light on the Iranian regime’s commitment to creating multiple war fronts against Israel.

Carmon explains that Hamas’s objective is to impede the normalization of diplomatic relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia. Additionally, Amir Avivi, former deputy commander of the IDF’s Gaza Division, notes that Iran provides Hamas with substantial financial support, amounting to tens of millions of dollars each month.

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Hamas, acting as Iran’s proxy and controlling the Gaza Strip, operates in line with Iranian instructions. Avivi highlights Iran’s concern regarding the growing trend of normalization between Saudi Arabia and other moderate Sunni nations with Israel. This scenario prompts Iran to reinforce its Iranian-Hamas-Hezbollah axis throughout the Middle East.

In fact, Hezbollah has explicitly called on Arab countries to cease their normalization efforts. Avivi asserts the importance of uniting behind the Israeli-American-pragmatic Sunni bloc to effectively combat terrorism in any form. Iran supplies Hamas with ammunition, training, and equipment, utilizing tactics such as smuggling through the Rafah tunnels and offering training within Iran.

Ted Cruz, a Republican Senator from Texas, directly assigns blame to Tehran for the war against Israel. He firmly stands alongside the Israelis in their struggle to defend themselves against Iranian-controlled Hamas terrorists.

Cruz asserts that the United States must continue providing robust support to Israel’s self-defense capabilities, ensuring they possess both the military resources and diplomatic assistance required to counter the genocidal intentions of Iran-controlled terrorists.

It is worth noting that the U.S. State Department, regardless of political affiliations, has consistently designated Iran’s regime as the primary state-sponsor of international terrorism.

To further compound the issue, experts in counter-terrorism finance warn that the $6 billion of unfrozen, sanctioned funds sent to Iran through Qatar’s financial system is fungible money.

This means that the funds can be used interchangeably to support various extremist groups, including Hamas, PIJ, and Hezbollah. Consequently, Iran’s financial windfall heightens concerns regarding the escalation of terrorist activities in the region.

Iran’s unmistakable influence in the Israel-Palestine conflict cannot be overlooked. Through its support of terrorist organizations and its determination to create multiple war fronts against Israel, Iran continues to pose a significant threat to regional stability.

It is imperative for like-minded nations to stand united against this ongoing aggression, ensuring the safety of Israel’s people and fostering a climate of peace for the entire region. In the face of these challenges, the international community must remain resolute in deterring Iran’s subversive actions and supporting the targeted efforts to combat terrorism effectively.


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