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Taylor Swift Fined $3000 By NYC Sanitation

Swift’s Manhattan Residence Under Scrutiny: A Trash-borne Melody?

In a surprise turn of events, music sensation Taylor Swift seems to be at odds with the New York City Sanitation Department. Swift’s sparkling Manhattan residence is allegedly under the spotlight, following the star’s failure to adhere to proper waste disposal norms.

The buzz in town, courtesy of the New York Post, pegs her fines at a total of $3,000 – all due to trash accumulation by her posh city apartment.

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The New York Post, referencing municipal records, indicates that the ‘Love Story’ songwriter has received an astonishing count of 32 citations.

The cause? The sidewalks bordering her Tribeca residence aren’t maintained to the standards expected in the city. These citations seem to be piling up faster than the singer’s chart-toppers.

Items found in the offending mounds include stacks of newspapers, empty bottles, flattened cardboard, discarded napkins, food wrapping paper, and, rather peculiarly, scattered ashtray remnants.

Among the refuse was also a discarded carton of cigarettes, leading to several raised eyebrows considering Swift’s non-smoking status.

According to Christine O’Connor, a 33-year-old local, the trash could probably be attributed to Swift’s adoring fans who tend to linger in the area.

O’Connor pointed out the possibility of these fans carelessly discarding their smoke butts and trash while waiting for a glimpse of their idol, despite Swift herself being a non-smoker.

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The country-turned-pop superstar’s sanitation fines are making frequented headlines in the neighborhood. The amounts surpass those of any other buildings in the vicinity. Swift however managed to successfully contest some of these penalties, scratching off $200 worth of fines from her latest tab.

Die-hard followers of the singer perceive a deliberate intention behind the increased scrutiny towards Swift’s residences. In their view, Swift’s properties are being unfairly targeted. Interestingly, the fines’ timeline traces back half a decade, raising further questions about this perspective.

Efforts to reach Swift’s representative for a comment on the subject have been unfruitful till now. The busy starlet’s representative has yet to respond to Nexstar’s request for comment. This lack of response has left fans and critics alike waiting in anticipation.

The celebrated ‘Shake It Off’ singer originally moved to her impressive Tribeca three-story townhouse back in October 2017. Swift, an acknowledged real estate aficionado, owns properties across the United States, dazzling in value and strategic locations alike.

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Swift’s savvy real estate investments have been a topic of admiration and by March 2023, her property portfolio held an impressive net worth of $150 million. According to The Wall Street Journal, her real estate empire spans corners of Tennessee, California, and New York along with other states.

Concentrated within New York city, Swift’s domains include four properties in two closely located buildings. In 2018, these properties together were estimated at a staggering $47 million. These figures make a striking statement about Swift’s real estate propensity.

The singer owns a triplex of residences in a building situated on the chic Franklin Street. The crowning jewel of these acquisitions is an 8,000-square-foot penthouse. Occupying the highest level of the building, this erstwhile property of ‘Lord of the Rings’ director Peter Jackson was procured by Swift back in 2014.

This piece of information was revealed by reports from both the Post and, a popular real estate website. Swift’s Manhattan acquisition has been one of her most talked-about moves on the real estate chessboard.

Apart from her real estate endeavors, Swift continues to make waves with her musical pursuits. Her nationwide tour has been raising quite the storm, affecting Ticketmaster negatively last fall. Swift’s fans, and even critics, wait with bated breath for her next move.

The talented artiste doesn’t plan on slowing down soon. Later this year, Swift will be seen embarking on her internationally oriented Eras Tour. Swift’s loyal fan base is eagerly awaiting the lifting of the curtains on this global spectacle.

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