Cameo Chaos: Santos Demands $20,000 From Kimmel for Aired Videos

Talk Show Host Jimmy Kimmel Vs Ex-Congressman George Santos: A Cameo Clash

There’s a burgeoning dispute brewing between a popular talk show host and a dishonored politician. George Santos, a former congressman aged 35, is taking aim at televised host Jimmy Kimmel, 56 in a public feud surrounding the platform, Cameo. Kimmel recently reported that Santos seeks a remuneration of $20,000 from him, for airing numerous Cameo videos of the fallen politician on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ In a private statement issued on Wednesday, Santos responded, ‘Leave Kimmel to his own devices. He’s nothing but hot air,’ he chastised.

Santos asserts that Kimmel owes him far more than the stated $20,000. Counterpointing Kimmel’s narrative, Santos avers, ‘If you delve into Cameo’s terms and conditions, you will realise that Kimmel is merely attempting to sidestep the issue.’ Notwithstanding this controversy, Santos asserts that he is faring splendidly, claiming to earn a sizeable six-figure income.

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Kimmel is known to have submitted a series of anonymous requests to Cameo featuring Santos. On his show that aired Monday night, Kimmel expanded on their intriguing interaction. ‘I forwarded him a stack of rather bizarre video requests, primarily because I was keen on finding out what he’d refuse and what he’d read out,’ Kimmel mused.

His next move was to showcase some of these videos on his televised show, an act that resulted in Santos playing hardball and demanding $20,000. According to Kimmel, Santos’ logic is rooted in his belief that he is entitled to receive commercial rates for his appearance. Kimmel named this series of aired videos ‘Will Santos Say It?’ and alleged that Santos subsequently jacked up the price of his videos to a whooping $500 each.

Kimmel, in his trademark lighthearted manner, quipped, ‘He really ought to be expressing his gratitude to me, I did purchase his videos, after all.’ He was referencing Cameo, a noted platform where fans can pay for personalized video messages from their favorite celebrities. Kimmel’s commitments extend beyond his talk show as he gears up to host the Oscars again in 2024.

His Cameo related dispute doesn’t appear to faze him, as he seems more amused than alarmed. His cheerful retort to the controversy was, ‘What if George Santos ends up suing me for deception? How fantastic would that be? It’s the stuff dreams are made of.’

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It’s worth noting some background information on Santos. Once a member of the US House of Representatives for Long Island (R-NY), Santos was ousted on December 1. This was just over a year after his victorious election run, which was overshadowed by the subsequent unveiling of numerous falsehoods related to his personal and career background, illegal campaign fund management, and swindling of donors.

His list of deceptive claims is long and varied: he falsified records about his educational backgrounds at prep school, then Baruch College and NYU, his professional tenure at Goldman Sachs, the tragic loss of his mother in the 9/11 attacks, hiring victims from the tragic Pulse nightclub shooting, founding an animal rescue charity, and a mugging that never took place.

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Post his dismissal from the House of Representatives, Santos discovered a new source of income: making Cameo videos. On a popular social media platform, previously known as Twitter, Santos disclosed that he has already made 700 videos through Cameo.

In addition to this, Santos hinted at a potential resurgence in his political career. Speaking to The Post, he stated, ‘The political landscape could use more individuals with firm convictions vying for office. I remain steadfastly proud of my voting record in Congress. I’ve never been one to kowtow to lobbyists.’

A comment from Kimmel’s representatives was eagerly awaited when The Post reached out, providing a tantalizing end to this veritable saga of public spats, televised mocking, solemn assertions, and imprecations thrown back and forth across the divide between the world of television and that of politics.


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