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Swing State Voters ‘Disgusted’ and ‘Tired’ with Manipulation of Trump Trial

Despite Legal Battle, Trump Triumphs in Swing States: Voters Turn a Blind Eye to Media Sensationalism

Reports are streaming in, possibly indicating a surprising indifference amongst voters in crucial swing states with respect to the so-called ‘hush money’ court case involving ex-President Donald Trump that is currently unfolding in Manhattan. Jeff Zeleny, CNN’s main correspondent for matters of national affairs, shared insights about the widely unenthusiastic perception the electorate have shown towards the proceedings during a broadcast earlier this week.

Based on firsthand conversations with the voter base, Zeleny commented that the swing-state constituency had expressed feelings of fatigue and even distaste towards the ongoing trial. A recent poll, released by The New York Times in collaboration with Siena College, unveils that despite the legal battle, Trump is leading over President Biden among probable voters by 13% in Nevada, 9% in Georgia, 6% in Arizona, 3% in Pennsylvania, and 1% in Wisconsin.

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Zeleny highlighted the potentially unexpected implication that these poll figures might be suggesting. There is little to no evidence of any political repercussions for the ex-President arising from his current legal struggles. Furthermore, current voter interests seem significantly swayed by economic concerns, rather than the media circus surrounding the trial.

As stated by Zeleny: ‘Contrary to what we might expect, this trial isn’t leaving any palpable impact on Trump’s standing in the all-important battleground states. It’s quite surprising to some that the trial hasn’t eroded his political support any more than it seemingly has. If we look closer, events in the battleground states, which are expected to be crucial in the next election cycle, show Trump outpacing the sitting President, except in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin where the margins are incredibly tight.’

Regarding the imminent verdict and voter reactions to it, Zeleny expressed, ‘We have yet to see what the final judgment could mean and how voters will interpret it, but the conversations I’ve had in these battleground states reveal a prevailing ambivalence, if not total exasperation. However, behind the foreground of this so-called scandal, there are other factors at play. Key concerns for the electorate appear to be the waning support from young voters and people of color and rising inflation. These issues seem to be at the heart of their dissatisfaction, rather than the ongoing court case.’

The New York Times poll highlights a noteworthy shift. Trump has successfully started to reduce Biden’s lead among African American and Latino voters. The current President continues to lead with 70% among African American voters and 47% among Latino voters across the six swing states, with Trump at 18% and 42% respectively.

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‘Is the voter focus still primarily on the economy?’ Wolf Blitzer, the talk show’s host, posed to Zeleny. ‘It certainly seems so. Inflation is a key driver behind many voter decisions. It will be interesting to see how this factor plays into the shifting political landscape, but it seems to favor Trump at the moment’ Zeleny responded.

Should the case against Trump, led by the eminent New York County District Attorney Alvin Bragg, fail to deliver as predicted, one key reason could be this week’s testimony by Michael Cohen, the former personal counsel to Trump. Cohen, as some remember, was a central figure in the legal situation revolving around alleged secret payments made to Daniels, an adult film actress who claimed a previous acquaintance with Trump.

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The prosecution undertakes to draw up a narrative, where these alleged payments are seen as a desperate measure by Trump to avoid potential damage to his 2016 presidential campaign through the leakage of harmful information. While some voters may find this story compelling, individuals like Republican Rep. Dan Goldman of New York stress that Cohen’s credibility is a significant concern owing to previous convictions, including a perjury charge.

Goldman’s comments came in response to a question by MSNBC host Willie Geist, specifically about the crucial point of link proving that Trump knowingly authorized falsified records: ‘Congressman, I wanted to ask, as a former prosecutor yourself, what are your thoughts on this crucial connection? Has the prosecution do you think made this claim viable yet?’

Goldman reflected, ‘It’s a question that we can’t answer just yet, really, but that’s the crux of the case. It’s the technical legal point that the prosecution has to prove. However, a jury usually wants everything to be comprehensive. It’s hard to make a detailed defense. I’ve had several interactions with Cohen to prepare him and this was a departure from how he normally testifies.’

The key to understanding Cohen is not just his demeanor during the main examination but how he holds up during the cross-examination, Goldman continued. He acknowledged the strategic wisdom of the prosecution inserting Cohen late into the trial because it allows him to align his story with the testimonies of David Pecker, Stormy Daniels and other witnesses.


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