Supreme Court Allows Texas Abortion Law To Remain In Effect

United States Supreme Court Building

Abortion arguments are back in the Supreme Court as Justices agree to allow challenges to Texas law to proceed. 

Fox News reported – The Supreme Court Friday morning ruled that a lawsuit by abortion providers against Texas over its abortion law may proceed, despite arguments by Texas that the way the law was written made it so that parties could not sue against the law until it was enforced. 

The court also let the law remain in effect pending the legal challenges. The ruling is procedural and will not be the final word on the law’s constitutionality. 

The Texas law focuses on abortions that happen after the fetus has a heartbeat. Generally this occurs between 4 and 6 weeks. 

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The ban does not provide consequences for women on whom an abortion is preformed, but rather doctors who knowingly conduct an abortion on a heart beat bearing fetus. 

Private individuals have the ability to bring civil suits against these physicians in state court.

Abortion is a hot topic with Supreme Court Justices right now, as they also hear arguments challenging a Mississippi law. 

It’s possible that at some point an outright challenge to Roe vs. Wade will occur. The outdated decision lays on very weak ground. 

There is no right to an abortion in the constitution. Instead the Roe legal teak argued that the 14th amendment provides women the right to privacy and equated that to abortion. 

This probably doesn’t sound like strong logic… and that’s because it’s not. The decision was almost overturned in 1992 during the Casey vs. Planned Parenthood case but ultimately was not.  

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