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Stormy Trial Turns Favorable for Trump As Her Testimony Falls Flat

Daniels’ Testimony Redundant in Trump’s Trial: Court Leaning Towards Former President

Adult film actress, known as Stormy Daniels, has become a core piece to a case against former American Commander-in-Chief, Donald Trump. Precisely, she spoke about an alleged one-time encounter with Trump in 2006, while under interrogation from prosecutor Susan Hoffinger. Daniels, who claimed to have been silenced with a $130,000 payment before Trump’s win in the 2016 elections, offers crucial testimony for the case.

Payments provided to Trump’s previous attorney, Michael Cohen, have become a focal point as well. Prosecutors claim these funds were used to compensate Daniels before the voting, contributing to the 34 charges of tampering with company records facing him. The unfolding events in the courtroom were encapsulated by CNN, which suggested the trial may be turning in Trump’s favor.

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Daniels was called to the stand to shed light on Trump’s case during the hush money dispute. She shared her journey into the world of adult films, even mentioning her involvement in other mainstream entertainment projects. The reporter noted, ‘Daniels is currently recounting her adult film industry beginnings and her forays into more mainstream media to the jury.’

Interestingly, the jury’s reaction to Daniels’ candid deposition was said to be subdued. ‘Despite her open and at times disarming testimony, the jury seems largely unmoved’, the reporter shared. Consequently, she pondered the strategic aims behind the transparency by the prosecution and its attempt to present Daniels as a person and not just an adult film actress.

Daniels also shared insights regarding her involvement in various entertainment projects outside the adult film industry, venturing as far as acting in two videos for mainstream music groups. These revelations seemed to catch the attention of Bill Brennan, the prosecuting attorney, as he nudged Daniels for information not only related to her adult film career but also her other entertainment projects.

The former host of a podcast, Daniels confirmed having broached the subject of Trump and politics in her show. However, she no longer participates because of an untimely dismissal. The angle the prosecutor took, sometimes seen as an approach to humanize Daniels before the jurors, was discussed by the reporter.

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An interesting twist came when Merchan, a known philanthropist to Democrat candidates, put forth new instances of Trump allegedly breaching an order, after he had imposed a $9,000 fine on the 45th president the previous week. Merchan warned Trump that persistent violations of the order could lead to imprisonment.

This warning was restated on Monday after another fine, this time of $1,000, was issued for a recent infraction. Appearing concerned that the $1,000 fines may not be deterring continued violations, Merchan announced the potential inclination for more severe consequences during Monday’s proceedings.

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In his address, Merchan voiced his reluctance to imprison Trump, stating, ‘You are the former president of the United States and potentially the future one as well.’ He further clarified that jail would be used only as the last resort due to the disruption it could cause to the proceedings.

But he wasn’t soft on the rule of law, warning Trump, ‘Your repetitive, willful disregard of this court’s directives jeopardizes the fair administration of justice and is a direct thwarting of the rule of law, which is unacceptable.’ The offensive remarks had been uploaded on Trump’s social media channel, ‘Truth Social’, and were ordered to be taken down before 2:15 p.m. on Monday.

Subsequently, Trump expressed his criticism of the gag order, stating that he might face imprisonment over the matter. ‘I’m being prohibited from addressing a simple question due to this judicial gag order. But know this: However valuable free speech is, the Constitution matters even more. I’ll make that sacrifice if necessary,’ the former president expressed.

Trump hinted that the trial is projected to drag on for a few more weeks. ‘The prosecution has signaled their intention to keep the trial running for another two to three weeks,’ he reported. Trump expressed skepticism at the trial’s persistence, calling into question the strength of the prosecution’s case.

The former president also called out what he saw as a politically motivated witch hunt, terming the case as election interference. Trump expressed his dismay, saying, ‘This is just a politically sparked crusade, true election meddling.’ He further suggested that the case was put forth following his campaign announcement, criticizing the order’s interference with his constitutional rights.


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