Steven Seagal and George Galloway Play Tug of War with a Liger

Steven Seagal and George Galloway’s Wild Adventure in Dubai’s Fame Park

Hollywood star Steven Seagal and ex-British legislator George Galloway experienced wildlife encounters during a recent journey to Dubai’s private zoo, Fame Park. Captivating images received by local media outlets show the unconventional duo partaking in various interactive exhibits, portraying Seagal in full black attire, while Galloway dons a crisp white shirt, complementary blazer, and black trousers.

One such image captures Seagal and Galloway engaged in a playful tug of war with a hybrid big cat known as a liger without any security barriers. The pair was pictured skillfully handling an enormous snake in the presence of a third person identified as Belhasa. Other striking photographs reveal the unlikely duo maintaining a golden eagle and providing food to a large dark-furred bear.

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Their interaction with the wildlife didn’t stop at just these encounters. Seagal and Galloway were seen standing cautiously close to a massive alligator. They even sat holding a giant python and were pictured embracing a seemingly sloth. Astonishingly, all these encounters with potentially dangerous animals occurred without any protective measures.

Interestingly, while Seagal had no qualms about interacting closely with these dangerous creatures, he took a more careful approach when he exchanged pleasantries with a small-clawed otter, doing so through a protective barrier. Striking a balance between the daring and the cautious, this unusual outing certainly offered a wealth of unique experiences.

Aside from his recent animal encounters, Seagal has been in the spotlight for his comments on Russia’s 2022 incursion into Ukraine. The action movie icon shared his concerns and sentiments with Fox News Digital just a few days following the conflict. Seagal discussed the interconnected relationships many share with the warring nations.

“I regard both territories as one entity, a family, essentially, and am firmly convinced that an external source is investing heavily in propaganda to create a rift between these two countries,” Seagal voiced. He extended his hope that harmony would soon return to the area, stating, “my prayers are for a peaceful resolution where coexistence is possible.”

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The actor’s connection with Russia has been longstanding, tracing back to 2016 when he was honored with Russian citizenship. He even supported Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014, lauding Putin as one of the ‘greatest world leaders’ still alive. His perceived admiration for the country and its leadership runs deep.

In 2018, Seagal’s relationship with Russia solidified further; the Russian Foreign Ministry designated him as a special envoy for humanitarian relations with the United States. This role focused on nurturing ties between the two nations in various fields, including art, culture, public interactions, and youth exchanges.

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Seagal’s connection with Russia continued to blossom when he was later welcomed into the Pro-Putin political party, ‘A Just Russia — Patriots — For Truth’ during an official ceremony. This only affirmed his rapport with Russia and its leadership and further increased his prominence within Russian society.

Seagal’s sympathy for the Russian position was again in the spotlight following Russia’s 2022 invasion of Ukraine. The actor, known for his warm relations with Putin, again lent his voice to the ongoing crisis, commenting on the situation in a video shared on the Russian news platform, TVZVEZDA.

“This is where the HIMARS strike occurred, causing the tragic loss of 50 lives, and leaving another 70 injured. The evidence certainly suggests a missile strike. Assessing the extent of burning and other telltale signs, it’s assuredly not a bomb,” Seagal analyzed in the video.

Seagal continued his commentary, observing, “Russia possesses a significant number of HIMARS artifacts. There’s no doubt about that.” These statements from Seagal further cemented his reputation as a figure sympathetic to Russia, demonstrating again his unusual proximity to, and understanding of, international geopolitical events.


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