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Stephen A. Smith Under Fire Again for Controversial NBA Commentary

Stephen A. Smith Calls Nikola Jokic a ‘Big Tub of Lard’

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith is turning heads again after leaving many fans with their jaws on the ground, due to his outspoken commentaries on the sport of basketball. During Tuesday’s broadcast of First Take, Smith gave a controversial description of the Nuggets’ star center Nikola Jokic.

While discussing Jokic’s inability to hold his position as the hardest player to guard in the NBA right now, Smith described Jokic as a ‘big tub of lard’.

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This remark comes just days after fellow commentator Skip Bayless of Fox Sports was ridiculed and severely lambasted for referring to the Serbian center as a ‘big tub of Crisco’.

However, notwithstanding the harshness of the comment, NBA fans were also not too amused with his further analysis of Jokic. Smith insisted on making comparisons with Warriors star Stephen Curry, implying that the two-time NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) was more challenging to guard.

Debating which player is more difficult to guard just seems to be one of the many talking points when it comes to NBA basketball. It is not surprising to know that the ESPN host chose Curry in this debate.

Smith emphasized the fact that no one would disagree with him that Curry is the best shooter the league has ever seen. However, some NBA analysts argue that Jokic’s IQ and versatility in his game make it difficult for defenders to keep up with his unmatched skillset.

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For one, Jokic’s size and ability to pass the ball to the correct teammate make it particularly challenging for any defender to keep up with him. This had led to the inquiry and debate over whether or not the massive

Serbian center deserves the recognition he rightly deserves. As a result, many NBA fans were quick to agree that Smith’s comment was out of line and uncalled for.

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It is no secret that players in the NBA are subject to criticism. Nonetheless, Stephen Curry and Nikola Jokic are no regular players. They have both made a name for themselves in the league, accumulating many awards and records.

Their tenacity on the court is admirable, and their talent is unmatched, making them the most talked-about players in the league.

Smith’s take on the topic leaves room for criticism, as he chose Curry as the tougher player to guard. While Curry is renowned for his shooting ability, Jokic has his unique style of play, particularly on the court.

Jokic’s blocking ability has improved significantly over the seasons; therefore, dismissing him altogether shows a lack of knowledge on the massive player’s game.

The NBA season has been incredibly competitive, with some of the best players coming head to head each game. These matchups provide unforgettable moments, leaving NBA fans cheering, whether in the arena at the event or watching from their homes.

One player fans won’t forget this season is Nikola Jokic, whose performance has been impressive and consistent throughout the playoffs. The Nuggets’ center has dominated the court in every possible way, improving on his previous performances.

However, Smith’s commentaries suggest that certain players in the league fare better than Jokic and Curry. It is a debatable conversation, and there may never be a clear winner. However, one thing is for sure; the two players have made their mark in the NBA, and the debate rages on.

Despite Smith’s point of view, NBA fans praise Jokic for his consistency in matches, both during the regular season and now in the playoffs.

It is commendable when players achieve such exceptional feats, making them among the best in the league. However, comparing those players often leads to controversies such as the one Smith sparked with regards to the big Serbian center.

There is no doubt that Stephen Curry is an outstanding player who has recorded incredible achievements and made his mark in basketball history.

However, dismissing Jokic is a bit shortsighted, as his achievements speak for themselves. With respectable scoring numbers and the ability to thread a pass with precision, Jokic has proven himself time and time again.

The player’s potential is evident, and while everyone is entitled to their opinions, it is best to stick to the facts.

The NBA community is vast, and NBA fans know that there is no greater joy than watching their favorite team win. With every match comes a chance for greatness, and every player has the potential to create history.

Yet, some players stand out, making everyone stop and take notice. Stephen Curry and Nikola Jokic are two such players, and while they may not always see eye to eye on the basketball court, they are two outstanding athletes who happen to be at the top of their game.

In conclusion, Stephen A. Smith’s commentaries on the NBA often leave tongues wagging; however, there is no denying that the analyst has an insight into the world of basketball that transcends what most fans see and interpret.

The NBA is a league that promises excitement with every match. While there is always a clear winner at the end of the day, the players that take part in the matches have the potential to create history.

We live in a world where social media reigns supreme, and in most cases, the box scores and what goes on in the court are forgotten. However, players who constantly strive for greatness such as Stephen Curry and Nikola Jokic never go unnoticed.

Regardless of Stephen A. Smith’s remarks on NBA players, we should remember that these players work hard to make a name for themselves in the sport. Criticism is inevitable, but as fans, we must support and cheer for these players as they chase their dreams.

In a world where everything is changing, it is reassuring to know that some things will remain the same, and NBA basketball is one of those things that have remained constant.


In conclusion, this is another chapter in the NBA basketball story, and as fans, it is our duty to support and cheer for our favorite players. Whether you are Team Curry or Team Jokic, there is no denying that these two players are some of the most exciting athletes to watch in the league. It is our privilege to bear witness to their greatness and the passion they bring to the court every time they play.


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