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Trump Lawyers Rally Against Georgia DA in Grand Jury Case

Team Trump Strives for Fair Ground in Ambitious Georgia Investigation


In an unexpected twist, the legal team representing the previous U.S. President Donald Trump has taken a bold step in a potential Georgia case.

They have requested the Georgia Supreme Court to withdraw the Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis from the unfolding case and halt the special grand jury’s recommendation to launch charges. This move, as reported by CNN, has set off a blaze of media attention.

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Both the Fulton County Superior Court and the Georgia Supreme Court received separate petitions from Trump’s lawyers, who called for interference in the ongoing grand jury activities.

This maneuver pinpoints an obvious friction between the Trump team and Willis, a Democratic officeholder who has implied that a decision on the formal charges may be imminent.


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In the course of the meticulous investigation, Willis leveraged a ‘special purpose grand jury,’ accumulating a wealth of evidence from 75 key individual testimonies. These ranged from Trump’s advisors, past legal representation, to White House personnel and politicians who gave first-hand accounts from Georgia.

In defending their client, Trump’s legal team contends that the provision of such ‘special purpose grand juries’ is constitutionally flawed.

The lawyers’ legal filing underscored the irregularities of the case proceedings and postulated that such abnormalities can only be ascribed to the unique persona of their client – the former President Donald Trump.

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The possibility of an indictment from a conventional Fulton County grand jury is imminent – undergirded by a report and preliminary investigative process, which the Trump team argues lacked legitimate authority.

They capsule their argument with a powerful metaphor, saying, ‘Charging a ham sandwich is one thing; but charging the discolored napkin underneath it, quite another.’

This isn’t the first time Trump’s team has moved to take Willis off the case. In March, a similar request landed on the desk of the Fulton Superior Court.

The limbo situation between the presiding judge’s conspicuous inaction and a potential indictment from the district attorney has left them with limited options, making it a necessity to seek the court’s intervention.

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However, Willis’ office fought back against these requests by filing their own plea to the court. They expressed their desire for the court to retain supervision over the matter and ideally dismiss the motions made by Trump’s team without a hearing.

With regard to Trump’s lawyers’ petitions, the District Attorney’s office pointed out that most of their arguments could be derailed by missing standing, being untimely, or presenting other procedural issues. They also emphasized that the remaining points laid out lacked any solid legal standing.

In a newly uncorked revelation in June – the ongoing Georgia investigation regarding Donald Trump might branch out, possibly leading to a far-reaching racketeering case that could extend to several other states. This revelation tipped by two individuals who are privy to the case dynamics.

The relevant insider information signposts the exploration of President Trump and his cadre of allies going beyond the Georgia state lines and stretching its arms into Washington D.C. and other states. The Washington Post also hinted at the possibility of a larger case constructed under Georgia’s racketeering laws.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani T. Willis has been conducting an inquiry independently dating back more than two years ago, scrutinizing any attempts made by Trump and his team to reverse his razor-thin 2020 loss in Georgia.

Along this investigative timeline, she hinted at wielding Georgia’s RICO statute to allege a wide-ranging criminal conspiracy.

As per new developments, Willis has reportedly been probing into some information about Trump’s campaign hiring two firms to expose any possible voter fraud across the United States.

The investigation further delves into allegations concerning the purposeful suppression of their findings once no fraud was discovered. Anonymous insiders, speaking with the assurance of confidentiality, disclosed these updates.

The authorities have reportedly issued a subpoena to at least one of the firms in question as part of the ongoing investigation in Fulton county. This is in reference to a broader narrative that goes beyond Georgia’s boundaries.

This investigation, steered by Willis, is distinctly separate from the one directed by special counsel Jack Smith at the Justice Department. Although the two investigations appear to encompass similar terrain, it is Willis who expects to press charges this summer, signaling a potential announcement in early August.

Despite receiving a hardline criticism from Republicans for her decision to investigate the former president, her unyielding pursuit and progressively broadening investigative scope demonstrates her ambitious roadmap. The outcome of this case holds a considerable potential to reshape Trump’s political legacy.


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