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Staten Island Crime Rates Surge, Surpassing Other Boroughs

13-Year-Old Boy’s Death Highlights Rise in Violent Crime on Staten Island

Staten Island, the city’s smallest borough, has been experiencing a rapid increase in crime this year. According to NYPD data, murders have increased by 125%, rapes by 60%, robberies by 42%, burglaries by 33%, and felony assaults by 30%.

These crimes have led to a 20% increase in major crimes across the borough, surpassing the next-worse borough, the Bronx, which only saw a 6% increase in crime. The borough, known as a bedroom community for law enforcement, typically boasts the city’s lowest crime rate.

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The murder of 13-year-old Jamoure Harrell has rocked the borough. Harrell was fatally shot while playing basketball in a Stapleton schoolyard on May 19th.

He was not involved in any criminal activity and it was later revealed that Harrell was collateral damage in a turf war between rival gangs. The borough recently buried him and mourned the loss of a young innocent life.

The alleged shooter, a 16-year-old boy whose name has been withheld, was picked up four days later by the US Marshals. Additionally, the borough recently witnessed a $2.5 million heist on Memorial Day, where five burglars stole luxury watches and cash from a local shop.

The police have linked the increase in crime to the opioid epidemic, homelessness, and an influx of ‘out of county individuals’ who have been emboldened by the city’s ‘Democratic progressive policies.’

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Former prosecutor and veteran defense attorney Mark Fonte has tried many cases on Staten Island, and he agrees that the fentanyl scourge and the increase in homelessness have played a role in the rise of crime. According to Fonte, the increase in crime is linked to the city’s ‘Democratic progressive policies,’ which he believes have emboldened criminals.

He expressed his disappointment, stating that Staten Island was once known as the forgotten borough when it came to crime. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case, as the crime has spread from the North Shore to the South Shore, affecting every area in between.

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The North Shore’s 120th Precinct has seen a 39% increase in major crimes this year, and the Mid-Island’s 122nd Precinct has experienced a 49% rise, including a 121% increase in felony assaults.

The traditionally calm 123rd Precinct on the South Shore has also seen major crimes increase by 18%. The only precinct, the 121st, serving the northwestern part of the borough, witnessed a 15% decrease in major crimes.

The borough of Staten Island has always been known for its low crime rate. Law enforcement and residents alike regard it as a peaceful and family-friendly neighborhood.

However, recent crime rates are on the rise and have left the community feeling scared and helpless. As the crime spread across the borough, everyone is beginning to wonder what has caused this sudden increase.

Some people believe that the opioid epidemic is to blame. Thousands of people across the country have been affected by opioids and the tragic consequences of its use.

Staten Island is no different, as an increasing number of people are turning to drugs to cope with the stress of everyday life. As a result, crime rates have surged as addicts rob and assault to fund their habits.

Others believe that the homeless problem on Staten Island is fueling the increase in crime. Over the past few years, the city’s homeless population has risen dramatically. A majority of newly homeless people are former inmates who have been released from jail.

They do not have any resources to help them find a home or connect with other services that could help them get back on their feet. They are left with no other option but to turn to crime to survive.

One of the main reasons for the rise in crime rates on Staten Island is the influx of ‘out of county individuals.’ Many people who have recently moved to the borough have come from other parts of the city or even the country.

The sheer number of new people has left residents feeling uneasy. Some people are afraid that newcomers might bring their criminal activities along with them, leading to an increase in crime across the borough.

Despite the rising crime rates, Staten Island remains a beautiful and peaceful community. Law enforcement officials are doing their best to keep the community safe and prevent criminals from taking over the borough.

People are working together to bring peace back to the areas affected by crime. Local government officials have committed to providing resources to law enforcement and community organizations to help prevent crime and reduce the fear that comes with it.

The recent death of 13-year-old Jamoure Harrell has left the community feeling heartbroken. He was just a kid who loved basketball, and his death was senseless and tragic. The NYPD has made it clear that they will not let his death be in vain.

They are aggressively pursuing the perpetrators of this heinous crime and are committed to bringing them to justice. They have also increased their presence in the borough, sending a clear message that crime will not be tolerated.

The residents of Staten Island are tough people who have been through a lot. They know how to work together to overcome adversity. As a community, they are determined to bring crime rates back down to what they once were.

They have faith in their law enforcement officials and are committed to helping them in any way they can. They believe in the power of community and are confident that they can come together to overcome any obstacles that come their way.

In conclusion, it is sad to see Staten Island’s crime rates on the rise. The borough was once a peaceful community where people felt safe and secure. Now, everyone is living in fear. The rise in crime can be attributed to many different factors such as the opioid epidemic, homelessness, and an influx of ‘out of county individuals.’

However, this does not mean that the community is giving up. Residents are working together to put a stop to the crime and make Staten Island a safe place once again.

The NYPD is also doing its part to keep the community safe. They are aggressively pursuing criminals and sending the message that crime will not be tolerated. Staten Island is a strong community, and it will come out of this situation stronger than ever.


Remember, the borough of Staten Island is more than just a community; it is home to thousands of people who love their borough and are committed to making it a better place.

As a Conservative, I firmly believe that Staten Island can overcome this situation. With the right policies and support from the government, crime rates will be reduced, and the community will be safer.

We must be tough on crime and give law enforcement officials the resources they need to keep Staten Island safe. The residents of Staten Island are depending on us to help them through this difficult time, and we must stand with them in their fight against crime.


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