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Special Counsel Weiss Refutes Hunter Biden’s Subpoena of Donald Trump

Justice Served Fairly: Stone-Walls Hunter Biden’s Subpoena Appeals


In a recent legal document handed over to a federal court in Delaware, Special Counsel David Weiss unequivocally criticized Hunter Biden’s proposition of subpoenaing Donald Trump and more ex-officials of his administration.

Weiss advocates that Biden’s appeal devoids merits and hence, should be overturned. It’s noteworthy that Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s offspring, wished for the issuance of subpoenas directed at ex-President Trump, former Attorney General Bill Barr, among other former officials of Trump’s tenure.

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The rationale for this demand, as narrated by Hunter Biden, is induced by supposed vindictiveness from the Justice Department that led to his gun-related charges.

The Special Counsel went further to deconstruct any claims pertaining to partiality, spitefulness, or discriminatory motives on his part. Weiss articulated that nothing within the defendant’s motion pointed towards any viable indication or evidence of such allegations.

Moreover, the defense’s case sidesteps one substantial reality that lays bare a significant contradiction. Amid the previous administration, no legal action was initiated against the defendant, which directly contradicts the claim that the subpoena recipients held offices within the Executive Branch.

The legal document sheds light on the fact that each charge being hurled at Hunter Biden was or will be undertaken during the incumbency of the present administration. It’s an undeniable fact that the current President is Joseph R. Biden, Hunter’s father. Additionally, Merrick B. Garland, the Attorney General, owes his appointment to President Biden, the same man who had a part in appointing the Special Counsel.

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The defendant has a difficult task in proving that public criticisms directed at President Biden by his political adversaries influenced his decisions, pressurized either him, the Attorney General, or the Special Counsel into formulating charges against the President’s son.

The defense team under Abbe Lowell, acting as legal counsel to Hunter Biden, previously contended that the investigation surrounding the President’s child emerged solely out of ‘unceasing, unsuitable, and politically charged pressures’ during the term of the Trump administration.

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Hunter Biden’s trial involving alleged firearm-related crimes will not commence until the clock turns over to January 2024. The possibilities the younger Biden faces are grave if proven guilty of all accusations, including a potential quarter-century in prison.

The precise charges against Hunter Biden include one count of issuing a false statement during the procurement of a firearm; another involves a misdemeanour of giving misinformation related to records that a federally licensed firearms dealer should maintain. Lastly, one charge signifies the possession of a firearm by an individual who unlawfully indulges in or is dependent on a regulated substance.

According to Abbe Lowell, the attorney representing Hunter Biden, he had faced a ‘continual, inappropriate, and politically biased push’ amid the Trump administration. Earlier this summer, an agreement was struck where Hunter Biden would admit guilt to certain minor tax charges.

Furthermore, this would have also resulted in evading persecution related to the firearm violations on the condition of staying out of further legal inconvenience for a span of two years. Unfortunately, this agreement couldn’t withstand the scrutiny of a judge.

The following is an attempt to communicate the essence of Special Counsel David Weiss’s complete submission, shedding light on the current legal proceeding involving Hunter Biden. It serves to open a dialogue and deepen the understanding of the intricate dynamics of this matter, and how it interlaces with the wider political ecosystem.


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