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Speaker Johnson and Loudermilk Ramp Up Investigation into January 6th Events

Loudermilk Questions Lapses in Capitol Security on Fateful January Day


Rep. Barry Loudermilk is advancing a thorough probe into the circumstances of January 6, 2021, a day that has become a point of division in American politics. This investigation, initiated under the leadership of ex-Speaker Kevin McCarthy and now pursued vigorously under House Speaker Mike Johnson, is rapidly expanding its scope and resources.

‘We are headed into uncharted territory,’ Loudermilk disclosed in a candid discourse with media. ‘We have received clearance to deploy every resource necessary to uncover the facts of that day, along with a significant staff increase.’

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The efforts of this investigation are directed towards comprehending the multitude of incidents that transpired on January 6. ‘Who were these invaders? How could they breach the Capitol’s fortifications? What were the distinct failures in security?’ Pondered Loudermilk. He divulged that the team is concurrently examining the methods of the Select Committee’s initial investigation on this issue.

Loudermilk emphasized that it’s the larger duty to the American citizenry that drives this inquiry. ‘Indeed, it’s the people who need to comprehend the reality of this event,’ he emphasized. ‘My primary pursuit is to bring to light evidentiary facts, not conjecture or populist narratives, and allow our citizens to draw their informed conclusions.’

According to Loudermilk, the previous investigative panel led by the Democrats overreached its mandate. He alleged that it ‘leaned heavily on circumstantial evidence to mould a preconceived narrative’ they wished to establish as fact. The said narrative was designed to implicate President Trump and the Republicans as masterminds of the Capitol siege – a notion Loudermilk fervently disputes.

Loudermilk voiced strong objections against the committee’s alleged biased approach, which involved sidelining evidence that didn’t support their storyline. He firmly rejects the assertion that elements within the Republican party planned or abetted the Capitol’s assault. ‘Presently, there isn’t tangible proof to substantiate such a far-fetched claim,’ Loudermilk countered.

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Events of January 6, despite transpiring several years ago, persist as a key element in the upcoming 2024 Presidential political dialogue. Former President Trump, charged in relation to the January 6 event and the subsequent 2020 election, has pleaded not guilty to all charges, including conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding, and against rights.

Where politically significant narratives continue to swirl around the January 6 events, certain states are leveraging the 14th Amendment to attempt to eliminate Trump from their local ballots. Skepticism on Trump’s role contrasts heavily with President Biden’s recent campaign speech, which put a bright spotlight on January 6 as a pivotal focal point, reiterating that Trump posed a threat to democratic functions ostensibly due to his alleged role in inciting the violence.

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Loudermilk drew attention to the Biden campaign’s usage of imagery from the January 6 incident. ‘Here we see a campaign ad exploiting images of a gallows erected that morning,’ he pointed out. ‘Despite Capitol Police presence, it remained undisturbed throughout the day. How could that be permitted?’ He questioned why it wasn’t swiftly dismantled.

In Loudermilk’s view, identifying the criminals involved is only part of the larger question. ‘Why were they able to infiltrate the Capitol? Let’s discuss the evident lapse in security,’ Loudermilk implored.

Reports have emerged that credible intelligence indicated a planned assault, known to various government agencies, including the Secret Service, FBI, Department of Defense and Homeland Security. This vital data reached the Capitol Police Intelligence Division but did not proceed further up the chain of command, a fact that Loudermilk finds highly unusual, pointing either to a deliberate act of suppression or an immense failure in communication.

Loudermilk disclosed that the investigation’s findings suggest that there were undercover federal agents present amid the crowd during the riot. This observation is not indicative of unusual practice for such significant public gatherings, but he questioned the presence of federal officers on Capitol Hill without a formal invitation from Capitol Police or the Capitol Police Board.

Besides examining the security failures, Loudermilk emphasised on the overuse of the term ‘optics’ in various communications. He noted concerns around the perception if Civil Defense unit or Capitol Police were seen in riot gear. Loudermilk suspects the potential source of such concerns to be from Pelosi’s office and feels the same apprehensiveness was reflected even around the deployment of the National Guard.

The oversight investigation points towards evidence that former President Trump indeed knew of the forthcoming storming of the Capitol and issued an order for the readiness of the National Guard for potential deployment. Loudermilk said the investigation intends to bring this information into the public domain soon.

Shifting focus to the formerly operating Select Committee, Loudermilk expressed his candid disagreement. He was accused of alleged tours of the Capitol, which he discredited as outrageous. He, however, conceded that the accusation provided him with an insight into the Committee’s workings, including their selective use of evidence and distorted proofs.

The initial phase of the investigation has been dedicated to laying a solid ground. Loudermilk detailed how they had expected a comprehensive database from the Select Committee but what they received instead were approximately 2 million pages of disorganized documents and about two terabytes of digital data.

Of particular interest to Loudermilk was the Select Committee’s decision to take out liability insurance. He questioned why they felt the need for it post factum, considering their stated accuracy in reporting. This move, in his eyes, warrants further scrutiny. ‘The American people deserve to know the unequivocal truth about January 6, and we approach this mission with utmost objectivity,’ Loudermilk concluded.

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