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‘Sopranos’ Star Drea de Matteo Says Biden Administration Has Been Used To ‘Divide People’

Drea de Matteo Expresses Concern over the Erosion of American Values under Biden

Drea de Matteo

Drea de Matteo, renowned for her role in ‘Sopranos’, candidly expressed her concerns about the current state of affairs under President Biden’s administration. During a recent interaction with Fox News’ ‘The Story’, she expressed her belief that the Biden administration is being leveraged to create divisions among the populace. The 52-year-old actress emphasized the prevailing fear amongst her Hollywood peers, suggesting that voicing their concerns about Biden’s divisiveness could have personal repercussions.

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Drawing parallels with her role in ‘Sopranos’, in which her character met an unfortunate end for speaking too much, de Matteo hinted at a similar concern in real life. She insinuated a certain reticence amongst the Hollywood fraternity to openly critique the government, fearing potential backlash. She pointed out that this stifling of voices is a recent development in her experience.

De Matteo confessed to becoming a vocal critic somewhat unintentionally, but now stands firm on her stance. Given her increasing outspokenness, she humorously remarked about the possibility of being claimed by the far-left in the near future. But her main concern remained the amplifying divisions in American society.

She blamed the Biden administration for being a key player in widening these rifts. Taking a more skeptical viewpoint, she questioned the origin of this divisive narrative. The actress expressed doubt that all these polarizing decisions could be attributed solely to an old man like Biden, who, in her opinion, doesn’t fully comprehend what he’s reading at times.

She expressed skepticism that Biden is the one making these significant decisions concerning socio-political issues. De Matteo, known also for her role in ‘Desperate Housewives’, asserted that the issues at hand are far deeper than they appear on the surface. Her remarks hinted at an undercurrent of significant influences shaping the Biden administration’s policies.

De Matteo extended a call to American citizens to unify and assert their constitutional rights, which she suggested are being chiseled away gradually. She voiced her belief in the importance of collective struggle for these fundamental privileges, expressing worrying observations about the erosion of individual liberties.

In the course of her outspoken journey, the actress shared that she’d been targeted with all kinds of labels. Given these labels, she expressed astonishment at how the cultural fabric had transformed over time. De Matteo recalled periods of open expression as embodied by famous bands like Guns n’ Roses, the Sex Pistols, Velvet Revolver, and even Madonna’s unapologetic use of cross symbols.

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She reflected on the state of freedom and faith in today’s society, remarking on how their meaning, once revered, has been perverted. According to de Matteo, terms like ‘freedom’ and ‘God’ have been twisted to become discriminatory weapons. The Emmy-winning star expressed her confusion and pain at this radical shift in the societal narrative.

She expressed her sentiment about the changed perception of these two fundamental concepts. Struggling to comprehend the drastic shift, de Matteo questioned why such essential ideas have become taboo. In her opinion, society has been thrown off balance due to these altered perceptions.

During her recent appearance on Donald Trump Jr.’s ‘Triggered’ podcast, de Matteo reiterated her views about the Biden administration’s alleged double-talk. She criticized the administration’s ostensible message of ‘unity’, claiming it’s used insincerely. The actress suggested that social issues are being manipulated for political advantage.

De Matteo opined that the administration was exploiting these issues while simultaneously causing fear within the Hollywood community. She argued that people are hesitant to engage in open dialogues concerning race or sex due to fear of backlash. The actress shared her own belief that it’s almost impossible to engage in productive dialogue about these subjects with liberals.

The widespread apprehension to debate these crucial issues is a result of the fear of confrontation instilled across ideologies, according to de Matteo. She observed that people are reluctant to challenge these topics since arguing with a liberal often seems an insurmountable task. This, she lamented, constrains freedom of speech and inhibits true dialogue.

De Matteo clearly vocalized her views about the current political climate. She shared her concerns regarding the shrinking space for open dialogue, especially concerning race and sex. The actress stood firm in her belief that the discourse shouldn’t be dictated by fear but encouraged by the spirit of free expression.

Concluding her thoughts, de Matteo underlined the need for unity, respectful dialogue, and a returned faith in fundamental concepts like freedom and God. Her message was strong and clear – that the very essence of being American is slowly being eroded, and that this change is something to be counteracted actively and urgently.


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