Shooting At Pennsylvania Football Game Kills Child

Shots rang out at an opening night high school football game in Pennsylvania. The shooting left one child deceased, and three others injured. 

The  shooting occurred Friday night around 9pm 

Aside from the one fatality, all other injuries are reportedly non life threatening, and victims are expected to recover. 

The child who was tragically killed was under the age of 7 years old, and was described as a baby. 

“Baby went down, grabbed my leg when she got shot in the neck. People were just screaming, running everywhere.”  Said a witness.

Though some outlets reported such as ABC Action 6 reported that the child was 7 years old. 

None of the football players were injured, and the event was allegedly a “drive by shooting.” The motive of the shooters is unclear. 

After the shooting, 3 individuals were taken into custody.

Many on the left used this shooting to call for gun reform, though it’s unclear whether or not the weapons involved in the crime were legal or not. 

If the weapons were illegally obtained, which is likely, these points would be self defeating.