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Senator Ted Cruz Supports Brandon Gill At Rally ‘America Is Worth Fighting For!’

American First Candidate Brandon Gill Receives Support from Ted Cruz


On Friday, the America First candidate Brandon Gill was joined by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) in The Colony, Texas, rallying support for the Trump-endorsed candidate running in Texas’ 26th congressional district.

The gathering drew scores of attendees to the Local Shacks at Austin Ranch, where Gill’s campaign event took center stage. The rally commenced with an impassioned address from Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael Cruz, recounting his escape from Cuba and lauding his son’s steadfastness in political office. Following suit, Dinesh D’Souza, Gill’s father-in-law and a conservative documentarian, took to the podium, sharing anecdotes from his first visit to his son-in-law’s family ranch near Abilene, Texas. D’Souza also expressed gratitude for the presidential pardon he received from Trump in 2018, attributing it to Cruz’s assistance.

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After a brief introduction from his father-in-law, Gill addressed the audience, introducing himself to voters and denouncing the slew of attack ads targeting him across the district. The TX-26 candidate highlighted the baseless nature of these ads, funded by a $1.4 million Super PAC, which solely aimed to tarnish his image while offering no support for any other candidate. “The swamp is resorting to desperate measures, spending millions to spread lies against me,” Gill asserted before engaging the crowd with a comprehensive speech outlining his vision for the district.

Subsequently, Senator Cruz, who faces reelection this November, seized the platform to lambast the Biden administration for its gross mismanagement of national affairs. Cruz reserved particular criticism for Biden’s border policies, a critical concern for Texans.

“And then there is the chaos on our southern border. I’ve got to tell you, as bad as you think it is, if you haven’t seen it with your own eyes, it is worse. We’ve seen 9.6 million illegal immigrants come in under Joe Biden. It is a humanitarian disaster, it is a public safety disaster, it is a national security disaster,” Cruz declared, highlighting the administration’s failure to address the crisis adequately.

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“This election, we are not squabbling over minor issues,” Cruz continued. “We are grappling with the survival of America itself. Let me pose a question. If you were tasked with dismantling the United States of America, what would you do differently than Joe Biden? That’s the crux of this challenge.”

Asserting the need for conservative stalwarts in Washington, Cruz expressed his support for Gill’s candidacy, underscoring his commitment to principled governance. “Brandon Gill epitomizes Texan values: resolute, hardworking, and unyielding in his convictions,” Cruz declared, citing Gill’s background and dedication to conservative ideals. He praised Gill for his unwavering stance at Dartmouth University and subsequent endeavors in conservative media, showcasing his readiness to confront the entrenched powers in Washington.

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“We need fighters who will not capitulate to the status quo. Brandon is not one to conform; he’s a disruptor, ready to shake up the establishment,” Cruz affirmed. “I am confident that Brandon will stand firm alongside the next President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.”

Turning his attention to the barrage of attack ads against Gill, Cruz remarked, “The Swamp’s fear reveals their true intentions. Notice how the ads are solely focused on discrediting Brandon? That’s a sure sign they recognize him as a threat.”

In closing, Cruz urged attendees to rally behind Gill’s candidacy, rallying support for the upcoming primary on March 5. “Thank you for your unwavering commitment. America is worth the fight. The Constitution is worth the fight! Freedom is worth the fight! Let’s stand together for Texas and for Brandon Gill, our next congressman!”

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