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Senator Kennedy – ‘Wouldn’t Trust President Biden to Open a Can of Pringles’

Senator Kennedy Offers Candid Insights on Biden’s Plummeting Approval


This week, Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana took a moment to contribute to Hugh Hewitt’s podcast, providing his insights on the current leadership under President Joe Biden. The focus was on why the public perception of the president seems to be hitting new lows. Also on his radar were Senate Democrats’ reactions to the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision to remove former President Donald Trump from the ballot.

Kennedy painted a vivid picture of the public’s faith in President Biden, eloquently comparing it to the trust one would have in letting him pop open a can of Pringles. Newsmax reported this engaging metaphor, highlighting the speaker’s unique approach to political discussions.

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The podcast host also brought up Sen. Chris Coons of Delaware and his stance on the removal of Trump from the ballot box. Kennedy acknowledged that Coons is trying to support his close ally, a common occurrence in politics. However, he subtly warned Coons that the American citizens aren’t easily deceived.

Exhibiting faith in the common citizen, Kennedy stated that while the average American may not read philosophical literature daily, their perception of reality and understanding of the socio-political landscape is not diminished. They have a sense of the political climate, and that’s reflecting in President Biden’s sinking approval ratings.

The Senator added that the country’s populace takes note when they feel the justice system is becoming a political tool. Signals suggest that a faction within the Democratic Party appears to be overtly manipulating electoral outcomes.

Kennedy reinforced that American citizens are clever enough to identify attempts by zealous prosecutors and biased judges aiming to block Trump from a potential presidential rerun. This sentiment is echoed by results from Real Clear Politics, suggesting a measurable preference for Trump over Biden.

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The popularity polls show Trump ahead by over two percentage points in a potential 2024 clash with Biden. Trump’s poll numbers are depicted as steadily rising, standing at 46.2 percent, while Biden trails slightly at 44.3 percent.

In contrast to Trump’s robust projections, Biden’s approval ratings throughout his tenure have been anything but stellar. Since the Afghanistan withdrawal, the seasoned Democrat has been grappling with a dwindling approval rating.

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Another statistical platform, Five Thirty Eight, corroborates this trend. It demonstrates the major disapproval that President Biden is facing, with a large 55.5 percent of the populace disapproving of his leadership. A mere 38.3 percent approve of his presidency, a grim figure for any leader.

Those numbers present a foreboding scenario for any incumbent president, but for Biden and the Democrats eyeing 2024, it anticipates a tumultuous electoral period if the current trend continues unchecked.

Kennedy’s caution that the American people won’t trust Biden to handle simple tasks is a poignant statement. But more notable, perhaps, is his overall message: trust and approval are earned, not given, and the people are the ultimate judge. A distinct reminder for the power holders about the citizens’ role in shaping political narratives.

In conclusion, the podcast discussion touched upon numerous issues, such as President Biden’s leadership, public trust, and the perceived manipulation of the judicial system by a portion of the Democrats. But it’s Kennedy’s faith in the American public’s wisdom and interpretive abilities that stand out most prominently.

This discourse also serves to underscore a critical point about American politics: regardless of poll numbers, the ultimate decision lies with the electorate. Elections are won and lost in the court of public opinion, and the people’s verdict is the final one.


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