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Senator Cruz Presses FBI Over Report on Biden Family Bribery Allegations

Biden Administration Needs to be Held Accountable for Corruption Allegations


Senator Ted Cruz has criticized the FBI over the agency’s silence over his inquiries about possession of evidence relating to the alleged bribery scheme involving President Joe Biden.

Fox News Digital claims the FBI was informed in 2020 that then-Vice President Biden was allegedly paid $5 million by a Burisma Holdings executive in Ukraine, where his son Hunter Biden served on the board. During a Senate Judiciary hearing held on Tuesday, Cruz questioned FBI Deputy Director Paul Abbate to answer if they currently had the report on the Biden family bribery allegations and had investigated those claims.

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Additionally, Cruz inquired if they would provide the Senate with the requested recordings and documents to support their authenticity. Nevertheless, Abbate evaded the question.

Abbate refused to provide information, saying, “I’m not going to comment on information we’ve received, investigations.” Cruz accused the FBI of avoiding the question and hiding evidence of corruption.

The FBI may possess a FD-1023 form, the agency’s interview with a highly credible confidential source about alleged meetings with a top Burisma executive. According to sources familiar with the document, the FBI owns 17 voice recordings between the Burisma informant and Joe and Hunter Biden.

Cruz pressed Abbate on whether the FBI was willing to give the Senate committee the FD-1023, along with the 17 voice recordings. Abbate again refused to comment.

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Cruz criticized the FBI Director for hiding the truth from the public, alleging that the bureau is stonewalling and covering up serious allegations. Cruz said, “The American people have a right to know whether there is serious and credible evidence the President of the United States took a $5 million bribe.” He also claimed that Democrats do not want a hearing on the matter.

“If those allegations are false, Joe Biden, the President himself, can disprove them,” Cruz stated. Fox News Digital had previously introduced the allegations following the publication of a Treasury Department report revealing wire transfers involving companies associated with Burisma.

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The Senate also stated that these wires may be part of bribery and extortion schemes. Furthermore, the Treasury flagged several transactions totaling over $7 million, where funds were sent to a second business person, and presented Hunter Biden with significant sums of money.

These transactions occurred while Joe Biden was Vice President and Hunter Biden worked for Burisma Holdings. Biden has faced accusations of corruption concerning Burisma since his time as Vice President.

Biden’s actions to demand the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating the company be fired in 2016 has been criticized. His son Hunter’s position as a board member and consultant for Burisma also raised questions containing conflicts of interest.

Hunter Biden’s reportedly mysterious dealings pertaining to the Chinese government and foreign entities are also being questioned. Hunter made statements indicating that he gave half of his salary from a Burisma executive to members of his family.

The investigation into Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden’s Ukrainian connections received a second wind from the findings of Tony Bobulinski in 2020. Bobulinski was a former business partner of Hunter and stated he informed Joe Biden of a deal he made with Burisma, contrary to Joe Biden’s claim of not knowing his son’s business dealings.

There is an undeniable pattern of corruption surrounding Joe Biden and his family. Concerns over the FBI’s capabilities in investigating these allegations are valid because of their highly controversial allegations related to Biden’s links to Ukraine and Russia.

Joe Biden’s allies are notoriously defensive of allegations of Biden’s corruption and unethical behavior. The mainstream press has protected Biden from scrutiny, and it is only recently that reports have surfaced from conservative sources.

The lack of transparency from the administration and officials allows for speculation and rumors about the extent of Biden’s misdeeds. Their case is not helped by their refusal to allow Hunter’s laptop and other material to be investigated by third-party sources.

However, Joe Biden continuously states that he is committed to transparency and investigations. If this is true, then the investigation into his corrupt dealings with Burisma should be handled fairly, without burying crucial evidence.

The witch-hunt of Trump that began four years ago with bogus charges that have been proven to be baseless has shown Biden directly inherit the same presidency skeptically.

The allegations of bribery and corruption of the Biden family will not disappear. The FBI must conduct a fair investigation, and the Senate must be given access to the FD-1023 report and the 17 voice recordings. The FBI’s and Joe Biden’s stonewalling is unacceptable; the American people deserve the truth.

The lack of transparency in the previous administration, notably surrounding the infamous Benghazi attack and how the State Department and the White House responded to it, was rightfully scrutinized and criticized by many. It is only fair, then, that the Biden administration be held accountable as well.

The Biden administration had promised honesty, transparency, and accountability. No matter how powerful or well-connected an individual is, they should be held accountable for any illegal or unethical actions, especially if they hold public office.

Given the nature of these allegations, it is critical that the FBI and the Senate take a thorough and comprehensive approach in their investigation.

The allegations against Joe Biden are not from fringe conspiracy theory sources but prominent, credible reports.

Thus, the public has a right to know whether their President is involved in corrupt actions. For now, it’s unclear whether the FBI and the Biden administration will provide this critical information.

The FBI needs to come clean about whether it is covering for the President and his family. An honest investigation would prove crucial in upholding the law, the integrity of public officials, and the fundamental principles of democracy.

The allegations against Biden won’t vanish until there is clarity and accountability on this matter.


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