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Secret Funding Surges for Top Democratic Committees Ahead of 2024 Elections

Democratic Candidates Benefit from Anonymous Contributions in Record Amounts


In the 2024 elections, the top Democratic committees have seen a significant increase in funding from undisclosed sources compared to previous cycles. As records reviewed by Fox News Digital indicate, both the Senate Majority PAC associated with Sen.

Chuck Schumer and the House Majority PAC aligned with Rep. Hakeem Jeffries have received millions of dollars in anonymous contributions through their affiliated nonprofits, which protect the identities of the donors.

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Ultimately, these funds make their way to Democratic candidates in both the Senate and the House of Representatives, including those who vocally oppose the influence of secret political donors.

According to Federal Election Commission records, Majority Forward, an advocacy group connected to the Senate Majority PAC, has directed $8.75 million into the PAC during the first half of this year.


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Similarly, House Majority Forward, a nonprofit affiliated with the House Majority PAC, has contributed $5.5 million to the PAC aligned with Jeffries.

The combined total of over $14 million in anonymous funds received by these nonprofits and committees during this period far surpasses the amounts seen in the same timeframe during the 2022 and 2020 elections.

For comparison, in 2022, Majority Forward transferred $4.3 million to the Senate Majority PAC, while House Majority Forward did not make any contributions to the House Majority PAC. In 2020, neither nonprofit transferred donations to the PACs at this early stage, although they did allocate funds for salaries, as per records.

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Interestingly, these transactions occurred while Schumer consistently lamented dark money, asserting that it has “corrupted our politics.”

Moreover, he has been an advocate for conservative judicial groups to disclose their financiers, despite benefiting from his own set of dark money judicial groups, alongside other Democrats.

Recent tax forms obtained by Fox News Digital reveal that Majority Forward received a staggering $75 million in funding between mid-2021 and 2022. House Majority Forward’s tax forms indicate that the group collected $12 million in 2021, a figure projected to increase as the election approaches.

However, it is not only Senate and House Democrats who stand to benefit from undisclosed contributions; President Biden himself is poised to receive substantial sums of money from a primary outside super PAC supporting his 2024 candidacy, despite his claims about the negative impact of dark money on public trust.

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Biden’s campaign team has designated the Future Forward PAC as the main outside group to gather financial support for his candidacy.

Future Forward reported to the New York Times in July that it raised $50 million this year. Nevertheless, these funds are likely held in the related dark money nonprofit, Future Forward USA Action.

The PAC disclosed a mere $67,000 in contributions during the first six months of the year, consisting of a vendor refund and in-kind donations from the nonprofit for staff time and overhead costs.


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