Seattle High School Student Fails Quiz After Answering Only Females Can Get Pregnant

Teacher’s Approach to Gender and Sex Discussion Sparks Outcry in Seattle


A recent incident centered around a high school in Seattle where a student was allegedly handed a failing grade on a quiz question.

The educating individual, who taught history at Chief Sealth International High School, had substantiated his judgment by grading the student’s answers on a test about differentiating between ‘gender and sex’ as incorrect. The test asked tenth-graders to reply to an array of true-or-false and multiple-choice based questions.

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The fourth question intriguingly posed to the students in their quiz was about validating the truthfulness of the statement ‘All men have penises’. The student’s prompt response, asserting the said statement as true, was deemed incorrect by the teaching professional. An analogy can also be drawn with another quiz question that echoed a similar thematic argument.

The seventh question issued during the quiz sought the student’s perspective on whether the notion ‘only women can get pregnant’ was valid. The student, resembling his former response, called the given statement true. However, he was met with another rebuttal from the teacher, who again graded the student’s response as incorrect.

Among the myriad of questions featured in the quiz, a number of them revolved around themes such as ‘How does the use of they/them pronouns reflect a person’s gender identity?’ and ‘Are transgender individuals necessarily gay?’. While these questions were conceived to incite discussion and understanding, they also raised concerns about the line between education and controversy.

In the aftermath of the occurring situation, the student’s guardian communicated with Jason Rantz on KTTH to express her reservations. She chose not to reveal her identity while airing her concerns that the educational system was being exploited to inject political opinions into spheres where they potentially didn’t belong.

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The worried parent sought answers on how the concept of teaching could warrant wrong information and disagree with the viewpoint of the pupil in question. In her words, she was trying to come to terms with how such directives could legally be implemented, requiring students to contradict their own belief paradigm or face academic consequences.

Moreover, there were accusations suggesting that faculty members were engaging in name-callings and derogatory comments directed towards her son. Such sentiments exhibit a possible breach of the moral conduct that a educational institution is expected to uphold for all, irrespective of differing viewpoints.

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While these allegations were severe and disturbing in nature, Chief Sealth International High School defended its conduct. The institution categorically denied any occurrence of name-calling and maintained its commitment to a safe and respectful atmosphere conducive to progressive learning experiences.

In response to the contentious issue, the district echoed the school’s viewpoint and provided a clarification. It announced that a ‘knowledge check quiz’ had indeed been conducted a fortnight ago as part of the Ethnic Studies class at the school. Nevertheless, the district emphasized that the outcomes of the quiz did not cast any influential impression on the students’ terminal class scores.

The course outline, as set by the Seattle Public Schools (SPS) for the Ethnic Studies World History class, emphasizes students’ investigation into global socio-cultural dynamics. It is essential to note that there was no reporting of name-calling to the district by any involved individuals.

Any allegation of the student being subjected to derogatory language had not been officially made known to the SPS. The school’ principal’s involvement clarified the situation further, asserting that no previous mention of the alleged verbal misconduct had been made.

An unwavering stand by SPS is seen as they express their dedication to facilitating a learning space that inspires thoughtful exploration and discourse on contemporary issues. A case in point includes pivotal subjects of societal structures like racism, patriarchy, among others.

The district’s commitment extends beyond simply imparting knowledge, aiming to inspire a thorough understanding of how power structures influence society. This commitment focuses on providing an environment that allows for open dialogue on these pressing issues while maintaining respect and dignity for all views and individuals involved.


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