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Sanders Huckabee Sanders Calls for Stronger Border Control: A Return to Trump’s Policy

Sanders: Shift in Leadership Needed for Better Border Management


Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the Governor of Arkansas and well-known former Press Secretary at the White House, has grown increasingly critical of the current president and his administration in regard to their handling of immigration and border control issues. Her time working closely with ex-president Donald Trump has sparked speculation about her possibly returning to Washington as Trump’s vice presidential running mate.

Appearing on a Fox News segment hosted by Jesse Watters, Sanders highlighted the rising concern among voters about border enforcement, which is increasingly becoming a priority issue in this election season.

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In this media interaction, Watters posed a question that is resonating among citizens, ‘Why is the current administration struggling with the deportation of individuals who aren’t authorized to stay and are indulging in illegal practices?’ Sanders responded vehemently, expressing her belief that the crux of the problem lies in the president’s supposed indifference to the hordes of unauthorized immigrants pouring across the borders.

She insisted that the president possesses the power necessary to address this issue promptly and effectively, which includes reinstating the ‘remain-in-Mexico’ policy that was enforced during the Trump administration. Additionally, she suggested that accelerating the construction of the border wall could be a practical step toward mitigating the problem. Sanders labelled the ongoing situation as a clear case of the administration’s failure.

To emphasize the magnitude of this issue, Sanders presented a gloomy scenario from her state of Arkansas. She claimed that law enforcement authorities have confiscated a quantity of fentanyl in the past year that could prove lethal to every individual residing in the state. The implications of this alarming revelation could be understood easily as she explained that such a volume of a potent opioid equates to potential harm to almost 3 million people.

The governor did not mince words about how she felt about the situation, calling the president’s actions ‘an absolute disgrace’. Making her stance clear, she touted the necessity for ‘removing the incumbent from office during the upcoming November elections and re-electing Donald Trump’. The reinstatement of President Trump, according to her, was perceived as a critical step in regaining control over the borders and restoring the nation’s integrity.

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She conveyed her disapproval of the president’s actions, criticizing him for purportedly tarnishing the nation minute by minute. According to Sanders, the administration’s policy had led to a weakened economy and a collapsed border, which seem to have affected the country’s standing internationally.

Sanders implied a significant decline in respect from our allies and fear from our adversaries. Painting a grim picture, she underlined that every action of the current administration appears to contribute directly or indirectly to the detriment of the American people. She deemed these issues sufficient to question the president’s eligibility to hold the highest office in the land if he seems unable to ensure the security of the nation’s borders, both in the south and the north.

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Sanders continued her engagement with the border issues by visiting Eagle Pass, Texas. State officials and forces here are engaged in a tense situation as they have taken control of a state park located on the edge of the border with Mexico, thereby demonstrating their disagreement with the Biden administration’s border policies.

Earlier in the week, a border security bill that secured bipartisan support failed to pass. Although it contained substantial funding for other countries like Ukraine, Republican leaders in the House objected that it would lead to a continued influx of daily unauthorized entrants into the country.

‘The bill was doomed from the start’, was the conclusion drawn by House Speaker Mike Johnson, while speaking to Fox News host Laura Ingraham. Johnson firmly dismissed the notion that the bill would successfully navigate its way through the House.

According to Johnson, the bill, once scrutinized, turned out to be counterproductive as it was believed to encourage more unauthorized immigration, without addressing any of the existing issues. Johnson particularly highlighted the need for any meaningful reform to the dysfunctional asylum processing system, which is a major cause for the current immigration crisis.

The speaker argued that the proposal would in effect embolden the cabinet secretary who he believes orchestrated the current crisis. Expressing his deep dissatisfaction over the federal lawmakers’ lack of adherence to federal law, he called into question the legitimacy of passing such legislation. His views hinted that the proposed bill would potentially create more problems than it purported to solve, leading to its rejection in the House.

Johnson reiterated his concerns about the president’s ability to handle the crisis and criticized Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer for not paying heed to these issues. He stated that the executive branch has ample powers at its disposal under federal law to address the border crisis. He reiterated his belief that both Schumer and the President were well aware of these powers.

Despite this available authority, Johnson shared his dismay that the president refuses to use his powers to mitigate the border crisis. This, in his opinion, could have an immediate and significant impact in controlling the flow of unauthorized immigration.

In sum, Johnson condemned the reluctance of the administration to resolve the border crisis, hinting at possible hidden motivations behind their actions. He lauded Ingraham for her insight into the situation, aligning with her assessment on this crucial subject.

In summary, the statements by Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Speaker Mike Johnson underscore a strong conservative concern about the current administration’s handling of the immigration crisis. Their criticism underscores a call for immediate and strong action to rectify the situation, including potentially radical changes in leadership.

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