Giuliani Held Responsible for $150 Million in Defamation Damages

Giuliani Ordered to Pay for Electoral Workers’ Defamation


In a significant court ruling, a jury has found that Rudy Giuliani, the former lawyer for ex-President Trump, is obligated to pay close to $150 million for the defamation of two election workers based in Georgia, post the 2020 election. This verdict was reported by NBC, and is a reflection of today’s charged political environment and the high stakes attached to recent elections.

Presiding over the case, U.S. District Judge Beryl Howell determined Giuliani had wrongfully defamed Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss, two diligent participants in the electoral process, back in August. In our judicial system, such erroneous accusations carry severe financial penalties especially when they tarnish the reputation and yield unwarranted distress on the victims.

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The turning point of the case arrived after a four-day trial, throughout which the jury engaged in over nine hours of profound deliberation. Residing in Washington D.C., the jury finally deployed impartial judgement and awarded the aggrieved women damages amounting to $148 million, NBC News disclosed.

The calculated award comprised of different categories of compensation, each filled out with precise values. Ruby Freeman was awarded $16,171,000 for defamation and another $20 million for the emotional distress she endured, a considerable sum reflecting the gravity of Giuliani’s allegations.

In the same way, Shaye Moss was also granted $16,998,000 to compensate for the defamation she experienced. Moreover, she was awarded an additional $20 million for the emotional distress caused due to the former Trump attorney’s baseless claims against her.

In addition to the individual compensations, the court ordered an award of a staggering $75 million to be given jointly to both the plaintiffs in punitive damages. As CNN reported, this part of the judgement offers a stern message to deter similar actions in the future.

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The brave women took the stand and shared about the barrage of threats, a terrifying aftermath of Giuliani’s false statements. CNN’s reports highlighted the real-life consequences of misuse of political clout and media’s role.

Judge Howell ultimately passed a default judgement against Giuliani for declining to adhere to his discovery obligations. The judgement held him responsible for defamation, civil conspiracy, and causing emotional distress, marking an essential chapter in the fight against political overreach and abuse of authority.

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In her judgement, Judge Howell penned her thoughts on the matter, ‘Adopting a guise of victimhood may appeal to certain sections of the public on a grand stage. However, in the court of law this act only undermines the usual discovery process in a straight-forward defamation case, thereby necessitating repeated court intervention’.

Giuliani’s defamation case serves as a stark reminder to the politics of personal destruction following the contested 2020 election. It signifies that upholding the rule of law and protecting individuals’ rights to reputation remain cornerstones of our justice system.

This outcome also underscores how unchecked rhetoric, especially from influential figures, can lead to damages of astronomical scale, not just financial but also in terms of emotional harm.

The court’s ruling encourages all to use their political clout responsibly, reminding us all to respect the integrity of election processes, recognizing the hard work of election officers, who often work without fanfare or recognition.

Further, it emphasizes the expectation that our political discourse should provide a robust space for dissent and disagreement, yet disallow smearing individual reputation under the garb of political maneuvering.

The hefty damage sum awarded in this trial is a resounding reinforcement that words hold power and consequences. It’s a call to action for everyone, especially those in the public eye, to exercise more caution and integrity in their communication.


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