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Roger Stone Predicts Michelle Obama as 2024 Dem Front-Runner

Will Michelle Obama Challenge Trump in 2024? Stone Says Yes


The insights provided in this discourse represent the author’s viewpoint. The word on the street is that Roger Stone, the well-known conservative strategist and commentator, anticipates that Michelle Obama, not President Joe Biden, will emerge as the Democratic Party’s crown jewel.

During a recent speech at a Turning Point USA gathering in West Palm Beach, Florida, Stone voiced his opinion, ‘I foresee Michelle Obama being the Democratic nominee for the 2024 Presidential race,’ a sentiment he also shared on Twitter. Stone adds, ‘This prediction was made here first.’

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However, Stone is not the first to suggest this possible turn of events. Floyd Brown, The Western Journal’s founder, shared this prediction previously. Nevertheless, the former First Lady has continuously affirmed her lack of political ambition, having no desire to run for the presidency.

In a recent BBC Breakfast interview with Naga Munchetty, combatting assumptions about her political future, Obama stated her disapproval of constantly having to clarify her stance.

A decisive ‘No,’ was her response when asked about her potential bid for presidency, swiftly putting an end to the conversation.

Just a week prior to this, she made headlines during her ABC News interview. Obama, queried about her position on Biden’s possible reelection in 2024, was taken somewhat by surprise, leading to a noticeable pause before she responded.

Caught somewhat off-guard during her conversation with ABC’s Robin Roberts, Obama stuttered before clarifying her stance on Biden’s potential bid for reelection in 2024.

She stated, ‘I — will have to wait and see. I refrain from commenting on it as I’ve had a first-hand experience from the other side. However, the decision to run or not is a personal one, meant for him and his family to make.’

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Obama continued, ‘If I were not as close to the process as I have been, my outlook might be less considerate, more casual. But I realize making this choice is personal.

I don’t want to contribute to the sea of voices clouding the judgement of President Biden and his wife Jill.’ This said, the continued insistence by some on the left for Michelle Obama to consider a run has not gone away.

While democratic leaders are publicly backing Biden as their nominee for the upcoming 2024 presidential election, internal deliberations continue about who would be the most formidable opponent for former President Donald Trump in a possible rematch.

Douglas MacKinnon, once an official in the White House and Pentagon, proposed that Democrats could consider a high-profile name from their past, if neither Biden nor Harris were selected.

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Notably, the former First Lady’s name popped up as a possible choice during the previous Democratic presidential primary. Additionally, a recent Politico article hints at the unease some well-placed Democrats feel about Biden.

They suspect that many among their ranks may only be extending their support to Biden due to concerns about the party without him.

The Politico report claims: ‘Major Democrats are rallying behind President Biden’s reelection campaign, not because they believe starting a second term at 82 is in the nation’s best interest, but fueled by the fear of the likely alternative — a nomination for Kamala Harris and the election of Donald Trump.’

In the 2020 elections, Biden and his running mate Harris allegedly set new records by earning more votes than anyone else in U.S. history, consequently defeating then-incumbent President Donald Trump.

However, fast forward to three years later, Biden’s approval ratings have slipped into the 40s. The President’s occasional blunders while speaking have also been a source of concern for the White House press team, as reported by Fox News.

Meanwhile, opinion contributor Myra Adams for The Hill has suggested in February that Michelle Obama might be the Democrats’ best shot at the 2024 victory.

Yet, as of now, any speculation of Mrs. Obama running for the presidency is seen as baseless guesswork that aids in rousing anxiety within Republican circles and helps bolster donations.

Mrs. Obama has consistently dismissed these rumors over the years. In a 2018 interview, when faced with speculation about a potential run in 2020, Obama had a telling response. She simply stated, ‘First of all, you have to actually want the job,’ insinuating that she, in fact, did not harbor any such desire.

The rumors, nonetheless, persist, suggesting that Obama’s possible candidacy could bring both a potent force and an element of surprise to the 2024 election battlefield. The constant speculation, despite her firm and repeated denial of political interests, indicates she has a strong place in the hearts of her followers and peers alike.

Meanwhile, the pervasive rumors, despite their unyieldiness, perhaps indicate the high level of respect and admiration that Michelle Obama commands within her political domain. Also, they signal the Party’s ceaseless search for a strong contender for the presidential race in 2024 to regain standing vis-à-vis its rivals.

Time will determine who would lead the Democrats into the upcoming election. Whether or not Michelle Obama would reconsider her stance remains an enigma. The consequential fervor within political circles and amongst the public is indicative of a highly anticipated electoral race that could transform the future political landscape.


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