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WATCH: Joe Rogan Says America was Far Better Off Under Donald Trump

Rogan and MMA Fighter Discuss the Stability During Trump’s Era


In his recent broadcast of ‘The Joe Rogan Experience,’ Joe Rogan unburdened his anxiety for the current state of affairs under President Biden, expressing his nostalgia towards the era of President Trump. Rogan pointed out abrupt changes saying, ‘One can’t help noticing how things vary.’

He reminisced Trump’s pre-politics fame when he was extolled in popular culture, particularly in hip-hop music, a symbol of the successful and vivacious business mogul.

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The idea of Trump was something akin to a highflying entrepreneur, a persona that resonated with the populace, as he remembered.

His guest, the acclaimed retired MMA fighter Dan Henderson, chimed into the discussion, giving a favorable nod to Trump’s reign. Henderson said, ‘Given the situation, I believe he acquitted himself admirably.’

Resonating with his guest, Rogan responded, ‘Viewing his deregulatory moves, it undeniable these had a positive effect on the economy.’ Henderson added, stating that things appeared more stable during that time compared to the current status quo.

Both figures, Rogan and Henderson, were in concurrence, postulating that the past state had its distinct advantages.

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Rogan was not blind to the hurdles encountered during that time but acknowledged a perceived shift in the nation’s landscape.

Since President Biden assumed office, the world stage has undoubtedly seen some dramatic turns, like the resurgence of conflict in Ukraine, economic instabilities personified by inflation, open border discourse, the somewhat rushed withdrawal from Afghanistan, and mounting international pressure.

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Rogan didn’t shy away from expressing his worries over these shifts, particularly noting the escalating danger of conflicts arising in the Middle East and beyond. ‘There’s a palpable sense of unease in global affairs today,’ he confessed. ‘It has gotten to a point where nearly everything seems to be teetering on a precipice—Ukraine, the Middle East—these are not mere concerns anymore.’

Continuing his argument, he brought up a grim possibility – a potential nuclear conflict, the sort of escalation that reverberates far more deeply than conventional warfare, affecting not months or years, but generations. The ever-looming shadow of such an event, where multiple nuclear powers might be drawn into conflict, is a disconcerting thought.

Rogan echoed a concern shared by many, ‘It only takes one instance of a nuclear launch. That single moment could change the tapestry of our world forever. That’s a real possibility now that I could’ve never fathomed occurring within my lifetime.’

Rogan likened the present circumstances to the prelude of a global conflict, perhaps reminiscent of the outset of the second World War. Amid the tumult, Biden’s economical and political strategies have drawn sharp criticism, with many claiming they have made the world a decidedly more precarious place.

The outbreak of conflict in various parts of the globe, most notably Europe and the Middle East, during Biden’s tenure has added weight to these concerns. The contrast to Trump’s administration, which avoided launching new military engagements, is stark for many observers.

Under Trump’s administration, diplomacy often won the day, with military action being seen as the last resort. This careful diplomacy led to an era sans fresh warfare, testament to Trump’s deft maneuvering on the global stage.

Rogan, voicing a sentiment likely shared by other Americans, yearns for the return of a time when Trump was guiding the nation’s duties. This longing is shaped by current international escalations and internal economic challenges.

Where once the mainstream narrative may have been critical of Trump’s approach, Rogan’s conversation recognizes a different perspective dipped in appreciating the stability and peace during Trump’s presidency.

For Rogan and his guest, and perhaps many others, the reflection on the past appears to be less of a rose-tinted nostalgia and more an acknowledgement of a time when national security and economic stability were less immediate concerns.

The strength in their reminiscence comes not necessarily from a partisanship viewpoint but rather an appraisal of a period that now seems comparatively less volatile. Of course, this is in large part due to the abrupt and dramatic recent changes in the global landscape during the present administration.

This thought-provoking discussion between two influential figures in popular culture served to highlight a longing for stability, a desire for the leadership that previously navigated the country through turbulent waters, and above all, an appreciation for a time when the threat of war felt somewhat distant.


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