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Rodgers Shines During Jets’ Final Training Camp Practice

Exciting Moments at Jets’ Practice Ahead of Preseason Matchup

The New York Jets wrapped up their final training camp practice open to the public on Wednesday, treating fans to some exciting moments ahead of their upcoming preseason Week 3 matchup against the New York Giants.

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who hadn’t seen preseason action in years, took the field as the starter and displayed remarkable performance during practice. Despite facing pressure from the opposing defense, Rodgers showcased his agility by evading tackles and consistently finding open receivers.

Prior to the start of practice, the team received a major boost with the news that veteran tackle Duane Brown was removed from the physically unable to perform (PUP) list, allowing him to begin his preparation for the season.

While he didn’t participate in team activities that day, Brown was present on a side field, staying ready for the upcoming games.


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Although Brown’s absence was noticeable at times, as edge defenders Bryce Huff and Jermaine Johnson frequently found their way into the backfield during team drills, Rodgers managed to elude the pressure and deliver precise passes.

Before every snap, Rodgers consistently surveyed the field, making multiple checks at the line of scrimmage. Notably, he flashed various hand signals to communicate with his receivers. One of the standout plays of the day occurred after Rodgers audibled the protection, initiating a play-action handoff.

The running back then executed a crucial block, allowing Rodgers to roll to his right and locate Garrett Wilson streaking open along the right seam for a significant gain. Rodgers continued his strong performance by consistently throwing accurately while on the move.

The spectators erupted in cheers when Rodgers connected with Allen Lazard for a touchdown pass in the front right corner of the end zone. Lazard impressively caught the ball through contact, despite a penalty flag being thrown on the coverage.

Meanwhile, quarterback Zach Wilson had a mixed day, showcasing both positive and negative moments. Wilson’s highlight came in the form of a back-shoulder throw to wide receiver Alex Erickson, displaying his ability to anticipate his receiver’s positioning.

However, later in the practice, linebacker Quincy Williams came close to intercepting one of Wilson’s throws.

The rookie quarterback made a late decision to release the ball, which could have resulted in an interception returned for a touchdown. Overall, Wilson appeared comfortable and confident in his performance.

The team’s outlook for the regular season should be optimistic following this practice session. The return of Duane Brown stands out as a significant step in the right direction, providing a boost to the offensive line.

With his experience and skill set, Brown’s presence will undoubtedly contribute to the team’s success. The Jets have a solid foundation to build upon as they prepare for the upcoming season.


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