Robinhood Manipulates The Market to PROTECT the RICH

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Robinhood Markets Inc. is a very popular stock brokerage that can be used to buy/sell stocks at will right from your phone. Robinhood has largely been the brokerage of choice for investors from the “Wall Street Bets” reddit page.

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These Redditors have been targeting stocks that hedge funds have shorted. This causes the hedge funds a massive loss of money. Robinhood has decided to block the purchase of certain stocks such as Gamestop, to help their friends on wall street.

Unlikely Allies like Aoc and Donald Trump jr agree that what Robinhood has done is immensely corrupt and hypocritical.

This is another perfect example of “Big Tech” organizations taking advantage of the power the hold and using it to disenfranchise the common man.

This is undoubtedly market manipulation. The ability to freely buy and sell stocks is being impeded to protect the interests of Wall Street suits.

Not only is Robinhood blocking Game Stop stocks but they are also halting Nokia, GME, AMC and Black Berry. These have been primary targets.

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