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RFK Jr. To Run as an Independent Against Joe Biden

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Independent Run Gains Momentum Ahead of 2024 Election


Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who recently announced his intention to run as an independent candidate in the 2024 election, is making quite a splash in the political arena. According to a report by Mediaite, Kennedy’s campaign is diligently preparing attack ads aimed at the Democrat National Committee.

These ads are meant to pave the way for Kennedy’s highly anticipated announcement on October 9th. Kennedy has been voicing his discontent with the DNC for their decision not to host primary debates, which denies him the opportunity to directly challenge President Biden and introduce himself to the nation.

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As covered by the DC Enquirer, Kennedy has repeatedly criticized the DNC for their lack of inclusivity. By running as an independent, Kennedy is positioning himself as a potential spoiler, especially in a tight race between President Biden and former President Trump.

Recent polling data shows that Kennedy maintains a solid 15.1 percent support in the Democrat primary, further solidifying his viability as a formidable candidate.

In a campaign video shared on social media, Kennedy called for the creation of a populist movement that transcends political divisions and brings Americans together. He emphasized the importance of politicians who can inspire people to rise above their own self-interest and unite as a community.

The video resonates with many who believe that the nation needs leaders like Kennedy, who possess a different approach to politics and are committed to reconstructing the country, ensuring it lives up to its promised potential.

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Kennedy’s message of unity has gained traction among citizens from various political spectrums. He recognizes that every nation, like individuals, has both a darker and a lighter side. Kennedy echoes the sentiment of his father, pointing out that politicians can play a significant role in urging people to look beyond their narrow self-interests and embrace a larger adventure.

This approach encourages individuals on both the left and right to join forces and build a grassroots movement that resonates with the principles his father championed back in 1968.

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Kennedy’s decision to run as an independent underscores his desire to forge a path beyond the two-party system. By avoiding partisan affiliations, Kennedy opens up avenues for dialogue with a broader range of voters.

This strategy has the potential to challenge the status quo and break down the barriers that currently divide the nation. In an era where political polarization is at an all-time high, Kennedy’s campaign thrives on the belief that unity is the key to preserving and progressing our country.

Since Kennedy’s announcement, there has been much speculation surrounding his candidacy and how it will impact the next election.

Many pundits and political observers anticipate that Kennedy’s independent campaign will intensify the competition between Biden and Trump. With the race expected to be tightly contested, Kennedy’s high polling numbers in the Democrat primary signify that he cannot be taken lightly.

Kennedy’s campaign is gaining momentum, and his ideas are resonating with voters. His rallying cry for unity and the creation of a bipartisan movement is particularly appealing in a time of national division.

Rather than succumbing to tribalism and partisan biases, Kennedy’s platform promotes the value of collaboration and common goals. This vision taps into the longing felt by many Americans who yearn for a leader capable of unifying the country and setting it on a path towards progress.

Building a populist movement that encompasses diverse viewpoints and unites people from all walks of life is a task that Kennedy is passionate about. His commitment to community and national reconstruction is evident in his message.

By inviting individuals from both the left and right to join him in this endeavor, Kennedy is challenging the traditional notions of political affiliation. His call for political transcendence could ignite a transformation in the way Americans engage with politics, ultimately leading to a more cooperative and effective democracy.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s campaign has generated significant interest and excitement among those seeking an alternative to the two-party system. His decision to run as an independent candidate signals a bold departure from the status quo and presents voters with a fresh perspective.

Through his attack ads against the DNC, Kennedy is sending a clear message: he refuses to be silenced or marginalized by the political establishment. Instead, he is determined to forge his own path, speaking directly to the American people and challenging them to embrace a new beginning.

Major political shifts often arise from unexpected sources, and Kennedy’s campaign is poised to make a substantial impact on the 2024 election. His ability to transcend political boundaries resonates with those who feel disillusioned by the current state of partisan politics.

By championing unity and a bipartisan approach, Kennedy offers a glimmer of hope that politics can evolve beyond its divisive nature. The momentum behind his movement suggests a growing appetite for change and a collective desire to rise above the divisions that have plagued the nation.

Kennedy’s campaign is not without its challenges. A race against an incumbent president is always a formidable task, but Kennedy’s track record and his message of unity provide a compelling alternative. Progress depends on embracing new perspectives and finding common ground.

Kennedy’s bid for the presidency embodies this principle and has the potential to reshape the way politics operate in the United States. Should he succeed in mobilizing people across party lines, his campaign will undoubtedly mark a turning point in political history.

As Kennedy’s announcement draws near, anticipation builds among both his supporters and political observers nationwide. The impact of his campaign could reshape the political landscape for years to come.

The 2024 election promises to be an exciting and transformative chapter in American politics, with Kennedy’s independent run injecting an element of unpredictability and offering a fresh path forward.

The democratic process is about choice, and Kennedy’s decision to break away from traditional affiliations offers voters a genuine alternative. By casting aside partisan divisions, voters have an opportunity to rally behind an individual who stands for a unified nation.

Now more than ever, the nation seeks a leader capable of steering the course toward prosperity and unity. Kennedy’s campaign embodies the ideals that resonate with conservatives, emphasizing the importance of community, freedom, and individual responsibility.

While keeping an eye on the bigger picture, Kennedy prioritizes a return to core conservative values. His platform encourages open dialogue and fosters a sense of shared purpose, allowing conservatives from all walks of life to rally behind a candidate who champions their beliefs.


Kennedy’s candidacy represents the fundamental principle of democracy: diversity of ideas. By running as an independent, he embraces the multiplicity of voices within the conservative movement and beyond. This approach fosters an environment where ideas can be freely debated and refined, leading to better outcomes for the nation.

Conservatives have long championed the free market of ideas, and Kennedy’s independent run aligns perfectly with this core conservative principle.

As Kennedy’s campaign gears up for the 2024 election, the political landscape stands poised for transformation. The potential impact of an independent candidate cannot be understated. Kennedy’s ability to rally voters and foster an atmosphere of unity has already set him apart from the traditional party-affiliated candidates.

The momentum behind his campaign, resonating with conservatives, suggests that his call for a new direction is being heard and embraced. Will Kennedy be the catalyst for change that America seeks?

In a political climate often characterized by partisan strife, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s independent campaign has captured the attention of conservatives across the nation. By pledging to transcend the limitations of political affiliations, Kennedy offers conservatives the opportunity to rally behind a candidate who understands the values they hold dear.

As the 2024 election approaches, Kennedy’s message of unity, community, and national reconstruction resonates with conservatives who yearn for leadership that embodies their core principles. The stage is set for a riveting race that challenges the established norms and paves the way for a brighter future.


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