Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Admits of Two Trips on Epstein’s Jet

Kennedy Jr. Discloses Details of Family Trips aboard Epstein’s Plane

Independent presidential candidate, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., has come forward with the disclosure that he made two trips aboard the private aircraft of Jeffrey Epstein, the infamous sex offender. Rather than the single trip he’d previously reported, Kennedy corrected the record during a conversation with Fox News host, Jesse Watters, which took place on Tuesday evening.

Addressing his history with the disgraced financier, he confirmed, ‘Indeed, I traveled on Epstein’s plane, notoriously known as the ‘Lolita Express’, not once, but twice.’ The flights, he recounts, occurred in 1993, transporting him and his family to various destinations.

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Kennedy shared specifics of these trips, explaining, ‘The first time was an Easter trip to Florida with my wife and our two offspring to visit my mother.’ His past wife, the late Mary Richardson Kennedy, accompanied him on that journey. Her tragic passing occurred in 2012 when she succumbed to her struggles with mental health by taking her own life.

Elaborating on the details of the second journey aboard the Epstein private jet, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. mentioned that it was a family vacation. ‘The trip,’ he recalled, ‘was one occasion when we went to Rapid City, South Dakota. Mary, my wife, and four of my kids joined us, and we went fossil hunting over the weekend. These are the only two instances in which I have set foot on Epstein’s private jet.’

In an attempt to quell any further speculation, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. assured interviewers that he had never flown solo on Epstein’s aircraft. Reinforcing his point, he reiterated, ‘I want to make it clear: I never traveled alone on that plane. These instances occurred three decades ago, in 1993, a time when Jeffrey Epstein’s sinister activities were still regarding his sex crimes were not yet common knowledge.’

The 69-year-old presidential hopeful stressed his transparency in acknowledging the past linkage with Epstein since the beginning of his campaign. Kennedy pushed for a comprehensive public disclosure regarding the circumstances surrounding Epstein’s actions and any political figures that Epstein may have been involved with during the course of his dubious activities.

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Continuing, Kennedy audaciously stated, ‘Yes, I do agree with you that it’s time for full transparency concerning this case. The public deserves real, truthful answers about the fate of Jeffrey Epstein and his interactions with other high-level politicians. Such information should not be concealed; it should be publicly accessible.’

Kennedy intensifies his call for complete scrutiny of the Epstein case, arguing against any censorship or redaction that may inhibit full disclosure. ‘There must be total transparency in this matter,’ he continued, ‘I fail to understand why any of those documentations would be redacted. What is the rationale for locking such vital information away from the citizens of America?’

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Last month, Marsha Blackburn, a senator from Tennessee, appealed to the Senate Judiciary Committee to enforce a subpoena against Epstein’s estate. The intention behind this action was to obtain a comprehensive list of all individuals who might have traveled on Epstein’s notorious private plane, strengthening the case against him.

Blackburn, alarmed by the many allegations of abuse and human trafficking tied to Epstein, stressed the importance of uncovering everyone potentially implicated in such deplorable deeds. She underscored, ‘Given the horrid accusations enveloping Epstein, it’s of utmost importance to identify all possible accomplices in his detestable actions.’

Nevertheless, Blackburn faced a roadblock when her request for a subpoena was stymied by Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois, leading to disappointment and frustration. Blackburn, last week, expressed her suspicion and queried on X, ‘What exactly are the Democrats attempting to conceal?’

The denial of Blackburn’s request for the subpoena against Epstein’s estate by Senator Durbin prompted her to call it a low point in the long-standing history of the Judiciary Committee. ‘Durbin’s position represents a sad day for the renowned Judiciary Committee,” Blackburn stated, voicing her disappointment and disapproval of the decision.


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