Rob Schneider Takes on Cancel Culture and COVID-19 Mask Mandates in New Stand-Up Special


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Rob Schneider is known for his comedies and he’s recently released his special ‘Rob Schneider: Woke Up in America,’ which is a bit of a departure from his usual routine.

He tactfully puts down cancel culture with his superior stand-up routine that is bound to leave Conservative viewers in fits of giggles. While the content touches on the current events of modern America, he roundly criticizes COVID-19 mask mandates, lambasting the authors of cancel culture, and even divulges little-known information.

Laughter is guaranteed as he recounts everything from culture wars to his own vasectomy and even includes anecdotes about making a movie with Donald Trump.

Schneider knows how to engage with his audience, and understands that in today’s world, the modern comedian must be prepared to go against the grain and push back against censorship. He has made it clear that his brand of humor is not for the politically correct.

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When speaking on the Fox and Friends show, he confidently stated that he had voted for Donald Trump in 2016, and cracked some jokes about the experience. The audience eagerly lapped it up, chuckling at his recounting of ballots filling up the kitchen counter.

But the highlight of the show was the stories he told about working with Trump in the past. He’s worked with the ex-president on Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, where they hit it off. Schneider also worked with Trump at the Miss USA pageant in 2008 and made an appearance on The Tonight Show.

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Trump is known for his sense of humor, and according to Schneider, he doesn’t disappoint. During a backstage chat, he recounted how his joke went down a storm with the former President.

Schneider is an L.A. native, but he is not one to shy away from voicing his opinion about today’s California. He’s no stranger to California’s politics, and his comedy acts as a window on the world of the private citizen.

He jokes about blue states like California and New York and their citizens leaving for greener pastures like Florida, though not without some wry comments about their vegan diets. Schneider is particularly impressed by the kindness and patience of Floridians, who don’t need to worry anymore about the dairy-free Californians in their midst.

The question of what makes a woman has been a hot topic in today’s culture wars, but to Schneider, there’s no need for confusion. Women always hold grudges and use their tires as ‘curb feelers.’ It’s a funny and refreshing take, and something that’s guaranteed to endear him to his audience.

Schneider’s show is packed with jokes that poke fun at everything from COVID-19 protocols to life in the Arizona desert, where he now lives. He astutely highlights the absurdity of closing down gyms and salons but not restaurants and supermarkets.

During the show, he jokes about the selective nature of the virus, how it will strike you dead in the gym, hair salon, or church but leave you alone if you’re in Walmart or Target. It’s a hilarious take and a welcome antidote to the constant news cycles that have been everything but funny.

Unafraid of sharing personal details, Schneider regales his audience with tales of desert life, including one story of how his wife was stung by a scorpion. And though he jibes at his wife’s mishap, he is not ungenerous in his portrayal of her; the audience laughs with her, not at her.

Overall, Schneider’s comedy routine offers a refreshing change from the politically correct comedy that has been making the rounds recently. His humor is a blend of satire and humor, making fun of things that are usually controversial to speak about, thereby appealing to Conservative viewers. Schneider knows his audience and is not afraid to make them laugh.


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