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Tucker Carlson Reveals Surprising Connection to the Bidens Amid Controversy

Carlson Shares Unseen Biden Facets and his Past Connection with Hunter


Remarkably, the right-leaning commentator Tucker Carlson has divulged that he once held a close personal bond with Hunter Biden. In the upcoming release of his personal biography, aptly titled ‘Tucker,’ he sheds light on his past rapport with the Biden clan.

The account conveys that the Bidens, especially Hunter and his former significant other, were frequent guests at Carlson’s residence in Maine. In a candid chat with biographer Chadwick Moore, he didn’t withhold his thoughts regarding Hunter and the controversies rooting deeply into the president’s son’s life.

Carlson minced no words when he expressed his views about Hunter, asserting, ‘Regardless of your current perceptions about him or his family’s public persona, the reality is that his actions caused heart-wrenching pain to his daughters and his exceptional wife, wholly overturning her life and putting his father, whom he deeply cares for, through public shaming.

This is an undeniable truth.’ According to Carlson, the love between Hunter and his father is a two-way street, for the senior Biden also holds deep affection for his son. He further suggested that Hunter’s actions not only hurt his near and dear ones but have led to self-degradation as well.


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He spared no criticism for the US First Lady, Jill Biden, Hunter’s stepmother, whom he deemed ‘nasty,’ bearing a ‘narrow-minded and unintelligent’ demeanor.

This sparks the question among pundits: was it indeed an error of judgment on Fox News’ part to let Carlson go due to his opinions? Nevertheless, Carlson’s commentaries weren’t limited to the family level; he also took swipes at the US President, Joe Biden.

According to Carlson, ‘President Biden was famously known for his intellectual deficiency. This has been a common standpoint within many circles, and he is known to make unwise comments.

His superficiality shone through his cosmetic enhancements such as hair grafting and facelifts, along with his overly friendly attitude, all of which appeared to be for show.’ But he admitted that the President always maintained a veneer of amiability.

However, his harshness softened when speaking about Kathleen Buhle, Hunter’s first wife. Speaking highly of her, Carlson dubbed her ‘impressive.’

He provided a glimpse into Kathleen’s character stating, ‘Kathleen was forever putting her own aspirations and responsibilities on the backburner in her role as a devoted daughter-in-law.’

Regarding the Biden family dynamics, he explained that ‘When it came to taking over for Dr. Jill in any foreign tours she didn’t wish to partake in, it was always Kathleen who stepped in, purely to uphold her role as a responsible daughter-in-law.

The familial bond within the Biden family was notably strong and they often operated as a collective unit. Personally, this tribal nature they exhibited was commendable in my eyes.’

Intriguingly, Carlson suggested the Biden family he was once acquainted with did not subscribe to liberal ideas. From his viewpoint, ‘Hunter Biden wasn’t a liberal by any standards that I’d adhere to. These days Biden has thrown his support behind the trans-activist movement, but the Biden clan, they were devout Catholics.’

He went on to elaborate, ‘Neither anti-gun stances nor pro-choice beliefs found a place in Hunter’s or Kathleen’s hearts. They belong to the old guard of the Democratic Party, a time when the party was the bastion of the Caucasian working class, a reality that is virtually non-existent now. Biden remains one of the last vestiges from that era.’

Switching the conversation back to himself, Carlson shed light on his personal battle with alcohol dependence. The outspoken conservative by admission was at one point in his life consuming four portions of vodka as a regular breakfast routine.

He candidly admitted his journey towards sobriety, saying that he moved past his addictions at the age of 33, conveniently prior to celebrating the birth of his fourth progeny.

His personal struggles and experiences certainly add a layer of depth to his clear, unfiltered critique of the Bidens. Attending to each family member separately allows for more insight into individual personalities and their dynamics within the family.

His willingness to publicly reflect on his life in the upcoming ‘Tucker’ biography highlights the complexity of public figures in society, often known only for their political views and statements.

To some, this aspect could be perceived as a powerful feature of Carlson’s story, resonating with readers who have followed him on his career and personal journey.

The released date for ‘Tucker,’ the biography that promises more layers to an already dynamic personality, is fast approaching with an official drop lined up for the first of August.


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