RFK Sues Mark Zuckerberg for Facebook Censoring Election Video

Big Tech’s War on Free Speech: RFK Jr. Takes Stand Against Meta’s Censorship

Independent political contender, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., initiated a legal tussle with Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg last Monday. This litigation revolves around Kennedy accusing Facebook, a Meta Platform’s subsidiary, of suppressing a critical election-oriented video on the third of May.

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The advocacy video titled ‘Who Is Bobby Kennedy?’ falling under the staunch support of the Super PAC, American Values 2024, faced restrictions on Facebook and Instagram. Users found themselves unable to interact with or share this insightful promotional content.

The actions of Meta have been viewed as an infringment of First Amendment rights, resulting in Kennedy and American Values 2024 filing a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. Zuckerberg, Meta, and other associated parties have been named in this critical charge.

Severe compensatory and punitive damages are being sought in this dispute. Additionally, an injunction to halt the platform’s perceived ongoing censorship is being pushed for. Kennedy’s legal team is arguing against these apparent biases against political independents on social media.

Users reportedly received a range of reasons from Meta for the video’s restriction – some were informed it was spam, others were led to believe the hosted link was malicious. There were even accounts of users being warned of ‘graphic and violent content’ present in Kennedy’s promotional video.

Some Facebook and Instagram users reported that they were notified of violations of community standards, while others experienced unsuccessful upload attempts. The inconsistency and arbitrary nature of these reasons have fueled Kennedy’s allegations of political bias and censorship.\

Kennedy’s statement on the matter constituted a comprehensive critique of the situation. He stressed, ‘Without equal access for supporters of all candidates to the digital public square, we possess merely a facade of democracy. This isn’t just about limiting expression on issues and ideas.’

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He emphasized the larger ramifications of such actions, stating, ‘Meta has taken to censoring a biographical film about a key candidate during an election year. The ability for voters to make an informed decision is threatened when they are denied fundamental information about a candidate’s life.’

In retort, a Meta spokesperson relayed the stance of the company to the Daily Caller News Foundation. They clarified that the link’s blocking was a mistake that was rectified swiftly upon realization of the error.

Kennedy’s potential role as a ‘spoiler’ in the 2024 contest between former President Donald Trump and incumbent President Joe Biden has been widely speculated. This has led to an escalation in critiques and attacks against the independent candidate from both political camps.

As the political landscape shifts with Kennedy’s potential entry into the race, the difference between Trump and Biden’s standing in the RealClearPolitics national average grows from 1.2 points to a more significant 4.3 points. These developments hint at the rippling effects of the presence of a strong independent candidate in the race.


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