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RFK Jr. Shakes Up 2024 Presidential Election In Key Swing States

Kennedy’s Independent Run Surges in Crucial States

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., breaking away from his traditional Democratic roots, is making a surprising and impactful independent bid for the 2024 Presidential election.

Recent polling data shows that he’s captured more than a fifth of favored voters in six crucial bellwether states: Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Despite Trump still leading with 35% and Biden trailing slightly with 33%, Kennedy is holding strong across these states with a remarkable 24% of voter support.

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This political triathlon, while not pushing Kennedy to any outright victory within these battleground states, has nonetheless reshaped the contours of the competition. His impressive showing resulted in the incumbent president scraping a win in only a single state, with the former president clinching victories in three. Moreover, two states witnessed a tie between Biden and Trump, attesting to the shifting allegiances of voters.

The people of Wisconsin, in particular, brought an interesting turn. They tipped the scales in favor of Biden over Trump by a slim 2-point advantage, with Kennedy simultaneously attracting a healthy 22% of voter endorsements.

As for the other states, Trump bested Biden in Georgia, Michigan, and Nevada when all three contenders were in play. In the Georgia race, Trump led by 7 points over Biden, collecting 36% of the votes. Kennedy demonstrated significant pull in the state, though, securing 24% of the preferences.

In Michigan, the race was tighter, with Trump edging out Biden by a mere 3 points, while Kennedy made a strong bid, capturing 26% of the vote. Nevada also saw Trump leading over Biden, holding a 7-point advantage and 38% of the votes. However, Kennedy’s 23% share is undoubtedly a testament to his independent appeal.

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Interestingly, the scenarios in Arizona and Pennsylvania ended quite evenly for Trump and Biden when considering Kennedy’s presence. With the three-way race, the former president and the incumbent each grabbed 33% support in Arizona, whereas Kennedy walked away with over a quarter of votes.

In the state of Pennsylvania, the same picture prevailed. Both the current and former presidents held an equal 35% of popular support, with Kennedy making significant strides by obtaining 23% of the votes.

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A look at the previous election cycles reveals a striking contrast. In 2016, Trump managed to secure victories in every one of these battlegrounds, except for one when pitted against Hillary Clinton. Fast forward four years, and we saw Biden managing to flip these states in his favor.

Despite the flux, one constant remained – Nevada continuously favored the Democratic nominee in both elections. It’s certainly caught the political spectators’ eyes whether this trend will hold firm, considering Kennedy’s growing popularity.

To understand Kennedy’s widespread appeal, we need to delve into the age demographics. His largest support base was found among the younger generations, specifically those aged between 18 to 29 and 30 to 44.

Among the fresh voters, clothed in the enthusiasm of the 18 to 29 age group, Kennedy received the most preference – 34% of the share, outmatching Biden’s 30% and Trump’s 29%. This trend continued with the next age tier as well, with Kennedy maintaining 31% support amid the 30 to 44 demographic.

If the contest were to be held solely among independent voters, Kennedy would cornerstone the majority share. These independent spirits leaned towards the independent candidate with an impressive 39% favor compared to Biden’s 28% and Trump’s mere 25%, painting a definitive picture.

The New York Times/Sienna College poll, which brought these insights to light, was conducted between October 22 and November 3. It considered responses from 3,662 registered voters residing in these six swing states, ensuring a broad and representative snapshot of political climate.

The poll’s overall margin of error was estimated at around +/- 1.8%. However, individual state-wise deviations were also identified, with margins amounting to about +/- 4.4% in Arizona, Michigan, and Nevada.

In Georgia and Pennsylvania, the error range increased marginally to +/- 4.5% and 4.6% respectively. Conversely, Wisconsin presented a slightly larger margin of error, standing at +/- 4.8%.

The poll’s insightful findings reveal the dynamics of American politics, where an unanticipated contender shapes the electoral landscape. While it’s early to predict the final outcome, Kennedy’s growing popularity among the given demographic puts an interesting spin on the narrative for 2024.


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