WATCH: RFK Jr. Challenges Mainstream Media and Gains Elon Musk’s Support

Elon Supports RFK: ‘Baby Boomers Need to Listen to Joe Rogan and Less Legacy Media’


Influential tech figure, billionaire Elon Musk, has voiced his support for a potent and thought-provoking speech delivered by 2024 Presidential contender Robert F. Kennedy Jr. This address, delivered recently, shed light on the negative impressions Kennedy’s campaign has been receiving from the ‘baby boomer’ generation, which ultimately led him to comment on the shifting landscape of media consumption in the society.

Kennedy openly recognized that within the demographic born between 1946 and 1964, his popularity is considerably lower than within other age groups. He suggested that the media consumption habits of this generation greatly influence their perspectives, and by extension, their polling choices.

The aspiring presidential candidate drew attention to the evolving information sources preferred by the modern American populace. The ascendency of long-form interviews and podcasts, as well as other alternative channels of news, is a staple for the younger Americans who veer away from traditional media forms.

Kennedy emphasized the importance of critical thinking in our modern, information-filled era. According to him, the new age media is positively impacting this aspect. He made a spirited comment, where he humorously urged the younger generation to expose their elders to progressive media platforms, highlighting Joe Rogan as a prime example.

The crowd’s response to this comment was an overwhelming applause, signifying the resonation of Kennedy’s sentiment. This ovation caught the attention of Elon Musk, who promptly expressed his agreement by responding with ‘He’s right’ in one of his tweets.

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In return for his support, Kennedy expressed gratitude towards Musk for ‘providing a platform for free speech’. The exchange between the two led to an influx of social media users vociferously echoing the sentiments expressed by Kennedy and criticising mainstream media outlets.

Mainstream media platforms, which have long been the bastions of news and information dissemination, received negative feedback from a section of the public. One internet user went so far as to say that mainstream corporate-driven media is a ‘curse to the world’ and stands as a ‘clearly dishonest’ entity.

However, not all responses were in favor of Kennedy’s perspective. Some respondents pointed out that Kennedy may be over generalising across a widespread group of Americans. In their view, his criticism fails to consider the nuanced diversity within the baby boomer demographic.

Joe Rogan, the renowned podcaster, has previously shown support for Kennedy, citing a potential misalignment between Kennedy’s politics and the strategic interest of the Democratic Party. Rogan shared his apprehensive forecast that Kennedy may not even be allowed on the ballot or given a chance to debate President Biden.

Rogan extended his admiration to his audience, praising Kennedy as a ‘fascinating guy’ during a conversation with journalist Alex Berenson. He highlighted Kennedy’s vast experience as an environmental attorney and his significant contributions to environmental conservation.

In particular, Rogan mentioned Kennedy’s successful environmental lawsuits, which greatly contributed to the cleanup of the Hudson River. This effort displayed Kennedy’s grand commitment to the common good, a trait Rogan views as paramount. His admiration extends to his personal belief that Kennedy genuinely cares about people, reinforcing his belief in Kennedy’s humanistic qualities.

Pushing his support further, Rogan shared that if given the opportunity, he would cast his vote in favor of Kennedy. Despite his personal opinion, Rogan candidly opined that the chance may never arrive, due to the speculated hindrances that might be thrown at Kennedy’s political journey.

Rogan’s cynical prophecy ended with his assertion that Kennedy might not even get a chance to challenge his political opponents openly. His belief is that ‘rascally tricks’ might be employed to ensure Kennedy never presents a real threat in the political arena. Rogan ended on a note indicating that debates featuring Kennedy are a doubtful prospect, thus resonating with the widespread concern regarding fair play in politics.

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