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RFK Jr. Blasts Biden For Censorship, Calls Him ‘Anti-American’

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: Biden’s Actions Threaten American Democratic Pillars

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a hopeful for the presidential race, leveled stern criticisms against President Biden, accusing his policies of being harmful to the backbone of American democracy, an allegation he voiced during a recent appearance on Fox & Friends.

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Kennedy had previously stated that Biden could pose a more significant threat to the democratic pillars of our nation than his predecessor, former President Donald Trump. When asked to elaborate on this claim, Kennedy did so without hesitation. Rather than hastily affirming or denying, he insisted the debate around this was worthy of national attention.

Kennedy’s primary concern revolved around an unprecedented course of action taken by President Biden. The President, says Kennedy, issued an order unprecedented in American history. He allegedly instructed various media platforms, specifically social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Google, to silence the voices of political rivals.

In Kennedy’s eyes, this act greatly deviates from the type of leadership intended by the Founding Fathers. He made reference to the First Amendment, stating it was Madison, Hamilton, and Adams’ firm belief that free expression was the cornerstone of other constitutional rights.

Kennedy continued, portraying a somewhat dystopian scenario – a nation led by a president who has the power to mute the voices of his adversaries at will. Kennedy called such a circumstance a potential steppingstone for other more egregious political misbehaviors, thereby referring to it as a grave danger to our democracy.

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Addressing the controversy that surrounded Trump’s questioning of election results, Kennedy declared that, while that may indeed be an undermining factor for the democratic fabric of the nation, it did not compare to Biden’s maneuvers – stripping away fundamental elements of the First Amendment.

Kennedy then brought attention to another controversy concerning Biden – the reported weaponization of government agencies to hinder opposing candidates from appearing on the election ballot. He used his personal experience as an example, claiming how he had been denied Secret Service protection – an unprecedented move in U.S. history.

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This development took an emotional turn when Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade asked Kennedy if Biden knew his father had been assassinated. To this, Kennedy confirmed the presence of his father’s bust behind the President.

Kennedy then lamented what he perceived as the underhanded use of federal institutions to impact America’s political landscape – courts, prosecutors, and various law enforcement agencies. He argued that the associated wrongs merit national debate rather than being silenced or overlooked.

At the heart of Kennedy’s charges against President Biden is the perception that a veiled threat has been used to manipulate social media giants into silencing opposition – the threat of enforcing anti-trust laws and revoking their critical Section 230 immunity.

According to Kennedy, Biden’s ultimatum to social media entities essentially represented a ‘do this or perish’ declaration, which Kennedy pointed out is an existential threat for these companies. This, he believes, is leading to a drift from the cherished principles upon which American democracy was established.

In an allegation that goes beyond just pressing social media platforms, Kennedy further claims that Biden granted several federal agencies unfettered access to a ‘censorship portal.’ According to him, this has endowed groups like the CIA, FBI, CISA, IRS, and NIA the power to mute dissent and critical evaluation of their policies.

Consequently, this ‘passing of the keys’ to such prominent federal agencies, granting them absolute control over public discourse, is deemed by Kennedy as an affront to both American principles and democracy in general.

Kennedy’s allegations against Biden paint a grim picture of a scenario where national security agencies wield the power to control the narrative. This, he believes, is a significant departure from the principles of a democratic regime where dissent and constructive criticism are integral to good governance.

Kennedy humbly sets out his belief that to counter this, there has to be a public discourse about what is going on and how it needs to change. He views the current course as an affront to the inherent values of American democracy and deeply un-American.

Kennedy’s criticism of Biden’s regime is a call to reconsider measures that, in his opinion, are a shift away from the true spirit of democracy. His final assertion is a stern warning: that such actions are not only a threat to democracy but are fundamentally anti-American and anti-democratic.

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