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Trump’s Innovative Plan to Restore the American Education System to Greatness

Trump Unveils Ambitious Education Policy ‘Agenda 47’


During a recent announcement Ex President Trump shared an ambitious policy platform known as ‘Agenda 47.’ This platform highlights ten principles that focus on the improvement of our nation’s education system and its connection to job opportunities.

With great concern, the candidate pointed out that despite the enormous amount of money spent on education in the United States, our outcomes are far from satisfactory. In fact, America finds itself at the bottom of various global rankings.

Trump expressed strong dissatisfaction with the current state of education, emphasizing the need to move away from indoctrination practices that involve inappropriate racial, sexual, and political content.

Instead, the candidate stressed the importance of redirecting our efforts towards preparing the younger generation to excel in their careers and to become productive members of society.


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A prosperous and independent citizenry is vital for preserving and strengthening our country. Therefore, providing our children with exceptional schools that lead to great jobs must be a priority.

Outlined below are ten critical policy priorities that the candidate intends to pursue upon assuming the presidency in 2025, with the aim of transforming American education.

Firstly, respecting the fundamental right of parents to control their children’s education. Second, empowering parents and local school boards in terms of hiring highly qualified educators and replacing underperforming ones.

Drawing inspiration from the famous phrase from the ‘Apprentice’ television show, ‘You’re fired!’, the focus would be on rewarding excellence and dismissing mediocrity.

Next, the emphasis would shift towards redirecting classroom instruction away from political indoctrination and towards core subjects essential for success in life.

These subjects include reading, writing, mathematics, science, arithmetic, and other genuinely useful areas of study. Furthermore, instilling a sense of love for their country rather than encouraging hostility towards it is seen as a crucial goal. Additionally, bringing prayer back into schools is supported, as it holds a significant place in the hearts of many.

Creating safe and secure learning environments, free from the influence of drugs, is another priority. Immediate expulsion for students who harm their peers or teachers would be enforced, ensuring the safety of everyone within the educational system.

Moreover, parents should have the right to choose an alternate school for their children, promoting the concept of school choice and empowering families in decision-making.

Recognizing the importance of practical knowledge and hands-on experiences, students would gain access to project-based learning opportunities in the classroom.

Such experiences would equip them with the skills necessary for meaningful work outside of the traditional academic setting.

Furthermore, striving to provide all students with internships and work experiences would set them on a path to a successful future, even surpassing the achievements of the candidate himself.

Finally, schools must prioritize excellent guidance and counseling services that assist high school and college students in making informed decisions about their careers.

By nurturing their God-given talents, students can access opportunities that align with their aspirations, ensuring a brighter future.

To maximize efficiency and effectiveness, the candidate plans to decentralize education by transferring responsibilities from the Department of Education in Washington, D.C. back to the individual states.

The intent behind this reform is to grant states greater control over the education of our children, recognizing their capacity to excel in shaping education policy. President Trump emphasized that this restructuring is long overdue, given the current state of affairs.

The substantial financial investment per student, which is triple that of other nations, has yielded poor results. By closing down the education bureaucracy in Washington and realigning responsibilities with the states, the candidate believes that a more favorable outcome can be achieved.

In conclusion, the proposal put forth by the prominent Republican candidate aims to ensure a superior education for every child in America. Recognizing the need for change and improvement, the candidate intends to address critical areas such as parental control, quality educators, balanced knowledge, love for one’s country, safety, and school choice.

Additionally, the importance of project-based learning, internships, and comprehensive career guidance is acknowledged. By returning decision-making power to the states, the candidate believes that the education system can be revitalized and better equipped to meet the needs of our children in these changing times.


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