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Republicans Criticize DOJ After Latest Move to Obstruct In Hunter Biden Case

Does Garlands Latest Move Tip the Scales in Hunter Biden’s Favor?


On Friday, Attorney General Merrick Garland confirmed the appointment of a special counsel to further probe matters concerning Hunter Biden. U.S. Attorney David Weiss, who was already involved in an IRS investigation related to the president’s son, was chosen for the role.

Moreover, the legal team that previously handled Hunter’s unsuccessful plea deal withdrew the charges related to that, suggesting a possible shift to another legal forum.

As highlighted by the DC Enquirer, AG Garland’s decision to enlist U.S. Attorney Weiss was based not only on the existing charges against Hunter Biden but also potential charges that might arise from continuous inquiries.


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Earlier this week, Weiss felt the investigation had progressed to a point where he could take on the role of a special counsel, prompting him to request the appointment.

Considering the unique nature of the case, Garland believed it was in the public’s best interest to grant this request.

However, some House Republicans expressed concerns over the move, fearing that it might allow Weiss to bypass House investigations into his alleged delay in the Hunter Biden probe.

In light of this, Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) stressed that the action shouldn’t obstruct congressional probes or downplay any potential wrongdoing. He questioned Weiss’s credibility, emphasizing the importance of uncovering the truth for the American citizens.

45th President Trump, a key political adversary of Joe Biden, claimed in a statement that the Biden family had enjoyed protection from the Justice Department for years despite evidence against them.

He challenged the newly appointed special counsel to act impartially and hold those responsible accountable, including addressing the media’s collaboration with intelligence officials who allegedly misled the public about Hunter’s laptop.

Furthermore, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-MO) noted the Department of Justice’s decision to drop the charges once associated with Hunter’s plea deal, suggesting they might be reintroduced in another jurisdiction.

He insinuated this might be a tactic to secure a lenient outcome for Hunter Biden.


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