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Republican Leaders Jordan and Comer Revive Probe into Biden Allegations

Biden Under Investigation: Republican Leaders Seek Truth Behind Allegations


Republican titans, Jim Jordan hailing from Ohio and James Comer from Kentucky, reignite their probing mission targeted at President Joe Biden. They’re delving into allegations fighting with notions that Biden might have played a part in deterring his son, Hunter Biden, from joining hands with the House’s push towards impeachment.

Certain circumstantial evidence indicates that President Biden may have had prior knowledge of Hunter’s intention to disregard the commands of Congress, which has added fuel to the investigatory fire.

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Unpacking the official White House communication insinuates a possible foreknowledge on part of President Biden regarding his son’s strategized refusal to abide by two congressional directives. With this knowledge, the investigators feel bound to determine if this, in fact, is evidence of the President’s collusion to curtail Congress’s proceedings.

They are seeking to learn more about the dialogue and documents exchanged within the President’s Executive Office regarding Hunter Biden’s deposition.

In addition, they seek information about the communication between President Biden and his family’s business partners that happened on the 6th of December, 2023. They urge the delivery of the requested information at the earliest, but no later than January 10, 2024.

Investigations are concurrently being led by the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability and the House Committee on the Judiciary, who together are probing into the legitimacy grounds for drafting articles of impeachment against President Biden. Their objective is to present their thoughts to the entire House. House Ways and Means Chairman Jason Smith is also lending his support alongside other officials towards solidifying this impeachment investigation.

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On September 27, 2023, this team was able to present an illuminating memorandum justifying the inquiry and framing the scope of this investigation. On Deember 13, 2023, they received the greenlight from the House of Representatives to continue with their pursuits.

With the issuance of subpoenas to Hunter Biden for a session due to be conducted on December 13, 2023, a new chapter in the tale was written. The committees corresponded with Hunter Biden’s legal counsel prior to the scheduled date of the depositions, where they negated Mr. Biden’s reasons for escaping the terms of the subpoenas and rebuffed Mr. Biden’s clamor for special treatment from the Committees.

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The House of Representatives, controlled by the Republicans, commanded a 221-212 party-line vote approval this month to formally propel the investigation surrounding President Biden’s potential impeachment. The crux of the matter in question is whether Biden unduly derived benefits from his son Hunter Biden’s global business transactions, which have become matters of keen interest.

Among significant developments, the new House Speaker Mike Johnson spoke up concerning the issue of Biden’s impeachment enquiry. He emphasized the House’s responsibility to conduct the investigation, stating ‘we have a responsibility to do it.’ He expressed strong thoughts about the gravity of the matter, labelling this a ‘serious’ issue during times that are equally severe.

Johnson continued during a press conference by expressing his belief that ‘the impeachment may be the heaviest power that Congress holds,’ drawing parallels with the Declaration of War. He stated that the House indeed has a duty to trace where facts lead them, in the pursuit of truth. He attachs importance to the stubborn nature of facts, illustrating with John Adams’ famous quote, ‘Facts are stubborn things.’

He noted alarm regarding the facts surrounding President Biden and his family. The committees, he acclaimed, are persistent in their efforts and demonstrating their responsibility towards the nation through their actions. He particularly admired the work of Chairmen Comer, Jordan and Smith.

Johnson continued, praising their relentless pursuit of revealing the obvious malfeasance and discussing the overarching corruption, quite succinctly, enveloping the Biden family. Johnson referenced his own experiences as a constitutional law attorney and previously serving on President Trump’s impeachment defense team twice. He criticized the Democrats for politicizing the process and introducing baseless charges against the president.

Johnson appreciated the informed approach the investigation took under the vigilance of his fellow Republicans, saying ‘they’re investigating and gathering all the facts.’ He believes the Republican Party is firmly standing for the rule of law and doing a careful and systematic investigation.

Addressing the need for a robust and sound process, he emphasized that ‘you can’t rush something like this,’ especially while maintaining fidelity to the Constitution. Johnson expressed full support for the chairmen, who according to him, have committed to proceeding in this transparent and methodical manner.

Johnson noted that the investigative proceedings had heard testimonies from whistleblowers, Biden business associates, and other legal experts and are now focussed on hearing from key witnesses. Johnson further stated, ‘The Chairman has issued ample subpoenas. We anticipate swift compliance.’

Concluding the press conference, Johnson affirmed, ‘We will follow the facts wherever they lead. That’s our constitutional duty.’ He asserted that he stands strong with the chairmen and their efforts towards this inquiry, projecting further insights to be shared in the upcoming weeks.


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