Boebert accuses Democrat of profiting from ‘brutal killing of innocent babies’


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Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, a Republican from Colorado, has accused a potential 2024 Democrat opponent of raising funds from the violent deaths of unborn babies. Adam Frisch, vying to take the Republican-held Colorado seat, highlighted members of his family who were abortion doctors in an email sent Saturday.

He also labelled Congresswoman Boebert’s pro-life stance as “extreme.” Frisch’s father, Melvin Frisch, a long-time advocate of the abortion industry, served in the Public Health Service on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation in northeastern Montana in the early 1970s. In 1982, Melvin Frisch published an analysis concluding that it was safe to perform dilation and evacuation abortions after 13 weeks of pregnancy. Frisch credits his father for shaping his own views on the matter.

In the 2022 midterms, Republican Lauren Boebert defeated Adam Frisch, who is now planning to run in the 2024 election. According to the Foundations of Life Pregnancy Center, dilation and evacuation abortions usually happen between the 13th and 24th weeks of pregnancy, when the fetuses are too large to pass through the suction tubing.

After the cervix is stretched open, the fetal parts are removed using forceps. The fetus’ skull is crushed to make it easy to take out using a sharp tool called a curette. Melvin Frisch, who is Adam Frisch’s father, was also the medical director of Planned Parenthood Arizona. Frisch says this organization helped to train future health care providers at Planned Parenthood.

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Frisch expressed his excitement in the email that his OB-GYN sister, Hope Frisch, is continuing their father’s ‘legacy’ in the field. In response, Congresswoman Boebert insists Frisch has chosen to profit from the brutal killing of innocent babies, while Betty Aldworth, the Republican National Committee spokesperson, called it ‘disgusting.’

Boebert has consistently backed pro-life bills in Congress and has recently proposed the Defund Planned Parenthood Act of 2023, which will place federal funding for the pro-choice organization on hold for at least a year. In an exclusive statement to the Fox News Digital, Boebert added that abortions helped pay for Adam Frisch’s luxurious lifestyle and education. She also pointed out that the Democrat’s campaign is being funded by abortionists.

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According to Congresswoman Boebert, Adam Frisch’s family has made abortion their business. This is evident in the fact that abortions have paid for Adam Frisch’s education and luxurious childhood while his campaign is being sponsored by abortionists, Congresswoman Boebert said.

On the other hand, the Foundations of Life Pregnancy Center describes the horrors of dilation and evacuation, a medical procedure commonly used across America today. The center notes that the procedure involves pulling out the fetal parts with forceps after the cervix is stretched open. It concludes that the fetus’ skull is crushed to allow easy extraction using a sharp tool called a curette, while the contents of the uterus are scraped out using any remaining tissue.

Given these facts, it becomes clear that it is a candidate’s responsibility to distance him/herself from the reprehensible, heartless acts that killing babies is. Boebert’s stance against abortion is consistent with a deep belief that life begins at conception. For her, it is a matter of protecting the innocent, a sentiment shared by millions of people across America.

On the other hand, Frisch proposes that women should have the freedom to choose their medical decisions. As he notes in his email, ‘My opponent, Lauren Boebert, wants you to think that women having the freedom to make their own medical decisions is some extreme idea. It’s not.’

Frisch’s email encourages supporters to donate to his campaign, indicating that a vote for Boebert is a vote against women’s freedom and their ability to make their medical decisions independently. For Frisch, the question is whether or not his stand on abortion outweighs his opponent’s stance on the same issue.

It would be extremely difficult to separate a candidate’s views on abortion from their views on other moral and social issues. Those who are anti-abortion are often pro-life, and they are more likely to vote for politicians who share their views on conservative policies such as lower taxes and smaller government.

For many conservatives, the murder of an innocent fetus is just as vile as the murder of an innocent human being. This sentiment is guided by the belief that all life is precious, and it should be protected at all costs. Conservatives have a reputation for their strong stance on protecting human life, and they will not hesitate to fight tooth and nail against anyone who conspires against this ideal.

In conclusion, abortion remains a touchy subject in America, and the matter cannot be left to conjecture. Democrats and Republicans must express their beliefs and stand for what they believe is right. Those who don’t could find themselves on the wrong side of history. There is no middle ground in this issue, and politicians should do everything in their power to protect the lives of the most vulnerable members of our society.

It is clear that, considering their history, the Frisch family holds dear their contribution to the abortion industry. However, with a Republican-controlled Congress, it remains to be seen what policies will take effect if people like Boebert continue to pursue their seemingly extreme pro-life stance. This will depend on the collective action of Conservative Americans, the upcoming election, and the power of their vote.

It is thus imperative that candidates are clear about their views and also transparent about their sources of funding. Failure to do so may result in losing the support of their constituents, and subsequently, the election.

As Americans await the 2024 election, the battle-lines are drawn and the stakes are high. Only time will tell who will prevail in this age-old conflict of ideas. Until then, both parties should stay steadfast in their beliefs and remember that the highest glory is that of achieving victory without spilling blood.

It is up to Americans to choose whom they want to represent them in Congress, and by extension, who deserves to wield the power that comes with the position. It is our duty to exercise our rights to vote and ensure that the people we choose are steadfast in their beliefs and work towards creating a better future for all Americans, not just a select few.


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