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Republican Attorney Generals Join Forces to Stop Joe Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness

Supreme Court Championed by States in Battle Against Illegal Biden Loan Scheme

President Biden’s persistent exploration for openings in the Supreme Court’s ruling that halted his student loan forgiveness plan continues to be met with resistance. A formidable alliance of states guided by conservative principles has come together to take a stand against his revised student loan forgiveness initiative.

The collective of 11 Republican attorneys general have legally challenged the President’s fresh strategy. They lodged a lawsuit against this latest brainchild at the U.S. District Court for the District of Kansas on March 28. They labelled the program as illegal, alleging the Biden administration lacks the requisite authority to enact the initiative.

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The regulations set to establish the SAVE Plan are slated to become fully operative on July 1, 2024. However, the Biden administration made an announcement in January promising to expedite some of the benefits. Shortly thereafter, they pardoned $1.2 billion in student loans benefiting nearly 153,000 plan participants, a point highlighted by Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach.

As presented in the lawsuit, the Biden administration stands accused of overstepping its jurisdiction in creating the plan. The summation was powerful and direct – ‘The authority that Defendants claim now lacks any substantive limits and amounts to claiming that they can abolish all student debt at any time by rulemaking alone’.

Missouri’s Attorney General, Andrew Bailey, lauded the lawsuit. He pledged that his state would take the reins for an additional coalition against the student loan forgiveness program. This move of solidarity follows Arkansas’s initial stance as part of the pioneering coalition that put up a fight against the Biden administration’s initial unsubstantiated debt-cancellation proposal.

In the face of a loss regarding this issue, President Biden continues to push against the grain, ignoring the laws at play. The Supreme Court’s stance had been unambiguous: They ruled that the President cannot, with autocratic abandon, wipe out student debt and burden taxpayers with a cost tallying in the multibillion-dollar range.

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Underpinning this clear message from the Supreme Court was Arkansas Attorney General Tim Griffin. He further put the weight of the Courts’ verdict behind the argument, casting doubt on the President’s ability to undermine standard legislative processes and impose widespread financial consequences.

Echoing this sentiment with triumphant anticipation, Missouri’s Attorney General, ordinarily found on X (formally Twitter), celebrated their previous victory in the same matter before the Supreme Court. Proclaiming he eagerly awaited the chance to yet again uphold the Constitution and maintain the rule of law. Nothing less than justice in the highest court of the land.

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This AG touted the strength of the alliances they have formed and the swift progress they are making with their legal challenges. He exuded confidence that their judicious march would culminate in another victory in the fight for upholding the Constitution and the sanctity of law.

Wielding optimism like a sword, he expressed his eagerness for securing another triumph in the name of the Constitution and the esteemed rule of law. A reiteration of the confidence that underscored their unified front in the legal fray.

To intensify the pace of their legal response, he argued, the strength of their two coalitions of states would bring their grievance before a judge with increased speed, delivering another victory in favor of the American people.

In this intricate political tapestry, the scenario points to a potentially decisive moment in American politics. Cardinals of the law, the attorneys general, are upholding foundational principles, while challenging encroachments upon their claimed territories of authority.

Ultimately, this stands as a prime example of state-led resistance against what they perceive as federal overreach, with their earnest aim of protecting their citizens and reaffirming the country’s constitutional grounding. Will their combined strength rebuff the executive moves, is a question whose answer remains to be seen.

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