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Rep. Greene Attempts Once Again to Impeach Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas

Repeated Push for Impeachment Against Mayorkas by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene


On the recent legislative day, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of the Republican Party, representing Georgia, pushed forward impeachment articles against the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, once more. This comes as a repeat effort after her initial attempt to expel the secretary fell short.

Defending her move on the House floor, Greene alleged that Mayorkas, during his term in the office created for providing national security, acknowledged engaging in ‘high crimes and misdemeanors.’ The Georgia representative intends to push for an impeachment vote against Mayorkas consistently until it receives approval in the House.

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Greene’s statements resound with determination as she firmly asserted the reintroduction of impeachment articles against Secretary Mayorkas. She pinpointed other members such as Tom McClintock, who, according to her, seem content with endless debates while glorifying their roles. In contrast, she believes that citizens of America are expecting firm actions.

She went on to critique members who defended ‘due process,’ thereby shielding Mayorkas from bearing any responsibility for perceived breaches of border security policies.

In Greene’s words, ‘Impeachment IS due process.’ She insists that it would make Mayorkas answerable to the Senate. Claiming that they have observed substantial evidence against Mayorkas, she argues that it is high time for the Senate to hold him responsible for his actions.

Reiterating her determination, she re-issued her impeachment articles against Secretary Mayorkas. She maintained that the exercise of impeachment was precisely the instrument envisaged by the country’s founders for managing executive branch members who deliberately undermine the laws formulated by the legislative branch.

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The legislator from Georgia brought forth the legislation against Mayorkas due to his perceived reluctance to secure the borders in the South and his purported decision that permitted a massive number of illegal immigrants to enter the United States.

Her first attempt to serve the impeachment articles took place earlier this month, following a terrible car accident in Texas that claimed the lives of a few residents of her district. According to Greene, an illegal immigrant smuggler caused this unfortunate incident.

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A report by the DC Enquirer, which was noted in the past, indicated that this fatal accident tragically claimed the lives of eight individuals. Amongst these were two American citizens. The head-on collision event occurred in Batesville, Texas, caused by an individual involved in unlawfully transporting immigrants. This assailant struck an SUV with two Americans on board.

The car crash, as reported by CBS Austin, occurred around 6:30 in the morning on Highway 57, situated between La Pryor and Batesville. As the incident unfolded, deputies of the Zavala County Sheriff’s department were in pursuit of the lawbreaking transporter. The chase ended when the illegal operator’s vehicle crashed into an SUV that was under the control of two residents of Georgia.

The enormity of the accident was such that following the impact, the vehicle was engulfed in flames almost immediately. The aftermath of the accident resulted in the tragic demise of four immigrants who had migrated from Honduras, along with the lawless transporter. The honest citizens who were unfortunate victims in this tragic incident also belonged to the same district that Georgia representative Greene represents.


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