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Renowned Actor Danny Masterson Sentenced to 30 Years in Prison for Rape

Masterson Found Guilty on Two Counts of Forcible Rape, Jury Deadlocks on Third Charge


Renowned actor Danny Masterson has been handed a sentence of 30 years in prison following a conviction of rape. Present in the courtroom as the verdict was delivered was his wife, the talented actor and model Bijou Phillips.

The trial in May found Masterson guilty on two counts of forcible rape. The jury, however, experienced difficulty in reaching a unanimous decision on a third charge after eight days of thorough deliberation, resulting in a hung jury.

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Given the severity of the crimes, the maximum sentence stipulated by law was imposed on Masterson. His legal team, however, identified several substantial errors during the trial and plans to appeal the verdict.

A team of the country’s top appellate lawyers has meticulously reviewed the trial transcripts over the past few months. They have uncovered a multitude of significant evidentiary and constitutional issues, which they will systematically address in their briefs submitted to both state and federal courts.

Alison Anderson, an esteemed partner at Boies Schiller Flexner LLP, and the attorney representing Jane Does 2 and 3, commended the immense strength and bravery displayed by Niesha and Chrissie. She also acknowledged their unwavering commitment while participating in the arduous criminal trials.

Despite facing persistent harassment, obstruction, and intimidation, these courageous women have successfully held a ruthless sexual predator accountable today. They remain determined to share the complete story of how Scientology and its enablers relentlessly sought to silence them.

Before delivering the sentence, the judge attentively listened to the impact statements provided by both victims, ensuring their voices were heard.

Throughout the proceedings, Masterson maintained a stoic demeanor, watching the women speak without revealing any visible reaction.

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The Church of Scientology expressed outrage over the use of religion in Masterson’s trial as they believed it violated their First Amendment rights. This concern emerged immediately after the initial guilty verdict was handed down.

This marked Masterson’s second trial in less than six months, following a mistrial in the first case. Prosecutors asserted that Masterson had drugged the victims’ drinks to carry out the heinous acts of rape. Additionally, they highlighted his prominence within the church, where all three women were also members at the time, enabling him to evade accountability for an extended period.

The victims alleged that the church’s strict protocols against public involvement discouraged them from filing charges initially. These protocols made them hesitant to address their experiences.

Masterson’s legal team, however, countered the allegations by claiming that the acts were consensual. They diligently worked to undermine the credibility of the victims by pointing out changes and inconsistencies in their testimonies, suggesting a coordinated effort on their part.

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Masterson was taken into custody in June 2020 but had been released on a $3.3 million bond. Throughout the legal proceedings, he pleaded not guilty to the charges and steadfastly maintained his innocence.


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