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Missing Key Witness Resurfaces with Damning Biden Allegations

Justice Department in the Hot Seat: Biden Family Scandal Deepens


This narrative may encompass insights expressing the writer’s viewpoint. A key witness, who alleges possession of significant proof of foul play surrounding Hunter Biden and the incumbent presidential family, recently resurfaced with fresh allegations.

An obtained video statement by the New York Post unveiled severe charges leveled by Gal Luft, a prominent American-Israeli energy specialist, against the Justice Department. Luft asserts the department held a bias intending to shield President Joe Biden and his lineage from potential scandal.

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Luft claims that he had handed over possible evidence, incriminating the Biden family, to both the FBI and DOJ in March 2019. Interestingly, this was just prior to Biden’s declaration of his presidential aspirations.

However, his initial hopes of an attentive reaction from the DOJ were dashed. He affirms that his only correspondence from the department came in the form of an arrest in Cyprus by U.S. authorities for allegations of unlawful arms dealings, acting as an unregistered international representative, and deceitful conduct towards the FBI.


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The New York Post presents Luft as the ‘missing witness’ whose testimony has been eagerly awaited by the House Republicans in their quest to untangle the business transactions of the Biden family.

These investigators have struggled to pin down Luft to secure his deposition to Congress. Despite spending much of his time residing in Israel, Luft expressed a willingness in 2019 to convene with the DOJ and provide information concerning Hunter Biden’s dealings with CEFC, a now-disbanded Chinese energy corporation.

Over approximately four years, Luft held an advisory position at CEFC, and within this timeline, there seems to be a mutual involvement with Hunter Biden and the company. Luft recalls meeting a team of six, consisting of officials from the DOJ and FBI in Brussels, within weeks prior to Biden asserting his presidential candidacy.

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The delegation comprised two DOJ prosecutors from the Southern District of New York – Daniel Richenthal and Catherine Ghosh, among others.

On the FBI’s behalf, Special Agent Joshua Wilson from the Baltimore field office was present alongside three other officials. Remarkably, Wilson’s signature would later feature on the subpoena sanctioning the confiscation of Hunter’s laptop from a computer repair facility in Delaware.

Beyond Hunter’s activity with CEFC, Luft alleges that he disclosed to the DOJ about a ‘double agent’ close to the FBI who was betraying the bureau by providing inside information to the Biden family.

Described by CEFC executives as an informant known as ‘One-Eye’ due to his distinguishable physical attribute, this mole was reportedly divulging FBI activity to the Biden family, according to Luft. Even after this alleged whistle-blowing act, Luft claims all his ensuing interactions with the DOJ were less than cordial.

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He alleges, ‘In retaliation for my whistle-blowing, my allies, my family, and myself have been subjected to relentless harassment, intimidation, and a resultant prosecution over the subsequent four years.’

As per the New York Post’s report, Luft issued a challenge to the DOJ in his video statement, daring them to reveal the evidence that led to his indictment. Faced with the daunting prospect of a hundred-year imprisonment if found guilty, Luft vehemently rejected the charges.

He recounts his arrest in Cyprus in February, the prospect of possible extradition to the U.S., his escape from these potential legal repercussions, and his current undisclosed residence where he is in hiding from U.S. authorities.

In a turn of events, Luft recalled his scenario in Cyprus, ‘While in custody in Cyprus, I was vilified in the international press as an arms trader, despite a complete absence of weaponry trading throughout my life.

The DOJ, in their indictment, presents no evidence, nor do they suggest that I’ve ever been involved in the purchase, sale, shipment, or finance of any armaments.’

Showcasing yet another twist, Luft highlighted a separate charge — his indictment under the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA).

The accusation revolves around an alleged ghost-written article appearing in a Chinese newspaper under the name of ex-CIA chief James Woolsey, allegedly facilitated a $6,000 payment from CEFC to Woolsey.

Yet Luft points out discrepancies in these charges, ‘Throughout their indictment, the DOJ conveniently omits the widely accepted fact that Mr. Woolsey has been an advisor to my think tank since 2002.

They fail to point out that the article does not comply with any Chinese interests, thus contradicting the purpose of their charge. The suggestion that I, Gal Luft, could manipulate a CIA director with policy proposals on China, considering him a useful pawn, is a grossly demeaning insinuation towards the intelligence community and to every American’s sense of discernment.’

Endangering his personal future, Luft is forging ahead with his mission, driven by his perceived lack of fair play in New York.

‘The very same prosecutor who is currently pursuing me, Daniel Reichenthal, previously told the judge during proceedings that any mention of the Biden name would instigate political intrigue in the case.’

Drawing further suspicion, he continued, ‘The judge aligned with this view, thereby implying that if I were to appear before a U.S. court, terms such as ‘Brussels’ and ‘Biden’ would be prohibited from my defense. My crucial role in the Biden family investigation would be shrouded in secrecy from the jury.’

Luft’s expose paints a dire and convoluted web of international politics, hidden motivations, and potential corruption, while simultaneously shining a light on a proposed systemic bias from the Justice Department. His accusations are stark, denying him the right for just treatment and due process.

Central to Luft’s narrative is his role as a whistleblower—a role that he claims turned him into public enemy number one. The implications of his damning evidence and charges against a sitting president’s family add volatility to an already controversial situation.

Overall, the revelations and implications within Luft’s narrative carry significant weight. The blend of strong claims presented by the ‘missing witness’ and the high-stakes political tension bubbling beneath the surface of this case promise an intriguing saga that may redefine the trajectory of American politics.


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