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Tara Reid Reflects on Fleeting Romance with NFL Star Tom Brady

‘American Pie’ Star Tara Reid Recalls Fun Times with Tom Brady

Actress Tara Reid reminisces about her brief, yet memorable, romantic chapter with legendary NFL player Tom Brady. Before she stepped into an engagement with TV figure Carson Daly, Reid, known for her role in ‘American Pie’, shared some lighthearted moments with the famed quarterback.

‘Our encounters were sporadic yet delightful,’ shares the 48-year-old. ‘Nothing serious, yet filled with laughter and enjoyment such as casual meet-ups at local watering holes–there was an undeniable chemistry. He was quite the charmer.’,

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As Reid walks down memory lane, her reflections on Brady, a decade earlier, have a distinctive juxtaposition with his current persona. ‘He seems unrecognizable now–slim, gravely earnest, a far cry from the Brady I knew,’ she laments. ‘His laughter was infectious, his carefree spirit evident in each interaction. However, watching his recent interviews, I can’t help but notice an air of arrogance. Everything shifted so drastically and swiftly’,

Following his fleeting romance with Reid, Brady embarked on a romantic journey with Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen in 2006. Their relationship blossomed instantly after Brady put an end to his previous relationship with Bridget Moynahan. Even as Moynahan prepared to welcome Brady’s first child, Jack, into their lives, Bündchen and Brady continued to establish their love story.

Entwined in their relationship, Bündchen and Brady further deepened their bond by tying the knot three years into their relationship in 2009. The family expanded as they welcomed two more additions, Vivian and Benjamin, into their mix. However, after 13 years of shared memories, the pair decided to part ways amicably, initiating divorce proceedings in October 2022.

While Brady unveiled a new chapter post-divorce, ‘Van Wilder’ star Reid also found love in Nathan Montpetit-Howar, president of a renowned tech company specializing in sound technology. Their blossoming romance began over shared conversations and laughter at a formal dinner party about five years ago. ‘He is my confidant, my partner in chaos and he possesses a level of patience that is quite unmatched.’

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Reid also embarked on a new professional journey this year, joining season two of the FOX reality series, ‘Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test.’ The challenging show pits well-known celebrities against grueling military exercises and training, directed by former Special Forces soldiers in the harsh climate of New Zealand’s mountains.

Her decision to participate in this rigorous reality series, as Reid confesses, was primarily driven by her personal experiences of being frequently subjected to bullying throughout her life. Aware of the program’s extreme demands, she nonetheless saw an opportunity to convey a message, ‘I had a point to make,’ she chimed.

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Utilizing this platform, Reid spoke candidly about the flip side of her public image, shedding light on the resilience and strength that define her. ‘I have often been priced for the same old narrative—the party girl in ‘American Pie’, constantly living life at 21. But that’s just one facet of who I am,’ she expressed during the show’s premiere at Fox Studios in Los Angeles in September.

Reid sees her participation in the series as an opportunity to redefine her public persona. She is not just the 21-year-old party enthusiast from ‘American Pie’. She is a woman of strength, resilience, and compassion, ready to share these aspects of her personality with the world.

Reid voiced her hopes for how she would be seen after the show. ‘I want people to see that I am more than what I have been stereotyped as, and to see the grown woman I have become. I want the public to see my resolve, my empathy, and my heart. My sole desire is that this reality is captured and showcased through this series.’


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