Rand Paul CHALLENGES legitimacy of Impeachment

On Tuesday Rand Paul of Kentucky has brought a vote tp challenge the constitutionality of former President Trumps second impeachment trial. Paul believes this trial to be severely unconstitutional.

Surprisingly Paul was joined by Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. in the vote. However his motion was unfortunately stuck down. This paints a grim look over future senate proceedings.

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Rand Paul gives comments on Impeachment

Paul claims “The purpose of impeachment is removal from office” and goes on to explain that Trump is a private citizen no longer in office. He calls this move a “Partisan Vendetta”

Trump’s Rhetoric had never called for violence. It called for the exact opposite. Paul and many others in the senate are clearly frustrated with the actions of corrupt democrats.

the senate rejected Pauls vote 55-45. This affirmed the trials constitutionality.


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