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Raiders and Josh Jacobs End Offseason Standoff with Jaw-Dropping $12 Million Deal

Beloved Raiders Running Back Signs Groundbreaking One-Year Contract

In Las Vegas, an offseason standoff is finally coming to an end. The thrilling news arrived on Saturday as the Raiders and star running back Josh Jacobs reached an important milestone.

According to NFL Network Insiders Ian Rapoport and Tom Pelissero, both parties have agreed on a breathtaking new one-year contract valued up to a staggering $12 million. This groundbreaking deal effectively replaces the $10.091 million franchise tag previously assigned to Jacobs.

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His return to the Raiders was uncertain as he chose to stay away from the team during the offseason and even throughout training camp.

The football world buzzed with fervor as Jacobs, who led the NFL in rushing in 2022, remained separated from his beloved Raiders. Though the Raiders struggled to secure victories and underutilized the accomplishments of wide receiver Davante Adams, Jacobs single-handedly maintained the team’s relevance.

Without his determination and incredible skill set, Las Vegas would have floundered. Thus, it is clear why Jacobs is currently regarded as one of the Raiders’ most invaluable players.

However, the team declined to negotiate a long-term agreement before the franchise-tag deadline, following a league-wide trend of hesitancy towards running back contracts.

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Throughout the offseason and training camp, Jacobs’s absence loomed large. Fully aware of his worth and the peak of his earning power, he opted to remain at home while his representatives labored to secure a deal.

Embracing uncertainty, Jacobs displayed unwavering patience. The situation mirrors that of Giants’ running back Saquon Barkley, who also received the franchise tag and shared his disappointment at New York’s lack of commitment.

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Interestingly, Barkley ultimately signed a contract exceeding the franchise tag terms, thanks to a series of well-deserved incentives. Similarly, in Jacobs’s case, incentives will play a considerable role in his new deal.

Time is of the essence for Jacobs. At just 25 years old, he realizes the importance of seizing the opportunity to secure his financial future. Consequently, his next contract, although unlikely to span five years, could resemble that of Nick Chubb’s three-year, $36.6 million extension signed in 2021.

If the Raiders follow a similar course, Jacobs could remain an instrumental part of the team until he reaches his age-28 season. However, the Raiders find themselves in the midst of change under the second-year leadership of Dave Zielger and Josh McDaniels. Their demonstrated approach suggests that running backs are not their top priority when making contractual decisions.

The ongoing standoff between Jacobs and the Raiders may have lasting implications for potential deals. Despite this, Raiders fans can breathe a sigh of relief as both parties have resolved their differences.

The agreement brings immense reassurance to the Las Vegas faithful, who will once again witness the remarkable talent of the NFL’s premier rusher. With only two weeks left before the regular season kicks off, the Raiders have successfully addressed a critical concern at the running back position. Undoubtedly, this outcome surpasses any alternative scenario with flying colors.


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