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Queens Landlord Arrested for Murdering His 2 Tenants and Girlfriend

New York Landlord Confesses to Stabbing Three, Including Tenants and Romantic Partner

A horrifying incident occurred in the tranquil neighborhood of St. Albans, Queens, New York, where a property owner was taken into custody following his admission to fatally stabbing three people inside his residence, according to local law enforcement.

David Daniel, 54, the landlord in question, presented himself at a nearby police station on Tuesday morning where he solemnly confessed to the horrifying acts. Joseph Kenny, Chief of Detectives at New York City Police Department, shared details about Mr. Daniel’s admission.

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During his confession, Daniel revealed that two of those killed were his tenants. These tenants, according to Daniel, were in arrears with their rent payments. Apart from the tenants, the third casualty was, shockingly, Daniel’s romantic partner.

That day, just past the hour of 7 in the morning, law enforcement officers responded to the scene, the multi-storied, light-green house in suburban Queens’ St. Albans neighborhood. It was in that place they discovered all three victims.

The quietly suburban house, located on a cul-de-sac, became an unanticipated crime scene. Two victims were found in a bedroom located in the basement, while the third was found in an upstairs bedroom. They were fatally injured with a knife, which was later recovered from the scene by the police.

Following the grim discovery, Mr. Daniel was charged with murder. The natural tranquility of the neighborhood was disrupted by this chilling event as David Daniel entered police custody.

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The vividly-colored house, situated in an otherwise peaceful street that hosts an array of single and multi-family homes, suddenly found itself the nerve center of an unfolding homicide investigation. This sent waves of shock and disbelief through the tightly knit community.

Neighbors, driven by fear and confusion, refrained from peeking out their windows. They tightly shut their blinds and drew their curtains closed, even during the afternoon hours. In stark contrast, officials wearing protective gear meticulously worked the crime scene, carrying away human remains in bags and loading them onto a van.

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One of the local residents, Alfred Felder, 32, expressed his disbelief about the shocking incident, admitting that he noticed no alarming signs or odd behavior on Monday night or in the earliest hours of Tuesday.

Nelimi Roopnarine, a 42-year-old neighbor, noted that she only became aware of the gruesome happenings when the nonstop wailing of sirens penetrated the morning silence. She was taken aback by the cruel awakening to such a terrifying incident happening in her otherwise quiet precinct.

Clarivel Jolly, a 53-year-old neighbor, remembered David Daniel as the accommodating man who assisted with lawn mowing and always greeted everyone warmly. The news of the tragic incident left her in disbelief, and she is struggling to reconcile the image of the friendly neighbor with the suspected murderer.

She added, she has been a resident across the street from the, now notorious, house in question for two decades. She shared no previous incidents of such horrifying nature, and this tragic manifestation has left her and the community in collective shock.

When it came to the tenants of the light-green house, Ms. Jolly mentioned that they were always pleasant and she had never sensed any sort of issues or discontent. Not once had she witnessed arguments, disputes or any signs of unrest coming from that property.

This shocking chain of events gave a hard-hitting reality to the tranquil neighborhood, proving that disastrous incidents can strike in the most unexpected places. The quietude of the St. Albans neighborhood has been shattered, leaving residents on edge as they grapple with this grim tragedy.


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