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QB Tommy DeVito Trademarks ‘Tommy Cutlets’ & ‘Passing Paisano’

Giants QB Plans to Score Big with ‘Tommy Cutlets’ Venture

In the near future, we’ll be seeing ‘Chicken Cutlets’ from Tommy Cutlets in the market. The veteran Giants quarterback, Tommy DeVito, through his venture — TD LLC, made advancements in the commercial realm by filing trademarks for ‘Tommy Cutlets’ and ‘Passing Paisano’ on December 19, as noted by Josh Gerben.

The scope of ‘Tommy Cutlets’ extends beyond just chicken cutlets. It’s anticipated to cover a wide array of goods and services such as clothing merchandise, bobbleheads, ornaments, football equipment, meatballs, pasta dishes, pizzas, tomato sauce, and energy drinks. This diverse range of proposed usages has been documented in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

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Similarly, the ‘Passing Paisano’ trademark encapsulates not only merchandise like bobbleheads, clothing articles, decals, and ball ornaments but also extends to football gear, action figures, live celebrity appearances, and organizing youth football programs. It hits various consumer sectors as detailed in the filing at the USPTO.

DeVito’s entry into the commercial world seems perfectly timed with his increasing popularity as he steps into the limelight as the Giants’ starting quarterback and enjoys professional triumph. It’s unusual for third-string quarterbacks to experience such nationwide recognition and fame, yet DeVito is a well-known figure both locally and nationally.

His rising fame is not just confined to the game’s enthusiasts, but it’s redefining his commercial appeal and embodies the potential to transform his local popularity into a nationwide, profit-generating venture. Helping him leap into this newer dimension, DeVito recently onboarded Max Lepselter, the head of Maxx MGMT, to handle his marketing affairs.

“Undoubtedly, if Tommy continues his trajectory of protecting the football and playing impressively for the Giants, he’s on the path to becoming a bedrock for the game,” Lepselter disclosed to the Post. He added, “Regardless of whether he’s a backup or QB1, the charisma of this New Jersey-born guy and his performance on the field enhance his marketability.”

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“Tommy is not just a tremendously talented player, but he also has a deep-rooted character, something that makes him irresistible to fans. His presence in the New York market resonates well, and I foresee his popularity to maintain an uptrend,” Lepselter further shared.

The blueprint drawn up by DeVito’s representative reveals opportunities where DeVito will associate with national brands. To this end, DeVito already has an alliance with Dunkin’ Donuts and is in discussions with a handful of corporate brands, aiming to bring them onboard.

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The strategy also involves aligning DeVito’s brand with three nationwide companies in the sandwich industry. These businesses have shown enthusiastic interest in merging their brands with the Don Bosco product. As per plans disclosed by Lepselter, a national advertisement campaign is slated for the first quarter of 2024.

Recently, DeVito navigated through a mishap at Coniglio’s pizzeria in Morristown, New Jersey, regarding the fees for his appearance. Ultimately, DeVito amicably resolved the issue by appearing at the venue free of charge demonstrating his commitment to his fans.

“Tommy has an incredible personality and a compelling life story that we aim to highlight, making his public presence more engaging and captivating,” Lepselter commented to The Post. “I don’t envision him merely standing behind a step-and-repeat at every venue in Northern New Jersey for brief durations. He’s astute enough to understand his position.”

Echoing the same sentiment, Lepselter added, “Honestly, it’s crucial for Tommy to seize the opportunities coming his way. That’s the reason we are here to aid him in making the most of this situation. Public opinion may fluctuate, but when he receives such chances, he has all the rights to explore and decide what he wishes to engage in.”

Following Sunday’s defeat to the Saints, DeVito will aim to bounce back when he guides the Giants in their clash with the Eagles in Philadelphia on the auspicious occasion of Christmas Day. This will mark yet another important day in his career, as he continues to build both his sporting and commercial successes.


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